Best links of the week #41

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Best links of the week from 14th October to 20th October


  1. One Doctor’s Positive Experience With AI at The Wall Street Journal.
  2. Google appoints former Obama health official Karen DeSalvo to new chief health officer role at CNBC.
  3. Facebook reduces transparency of information on political-ad targeting at The Globe And Mail.
  4. Adopting AI in Health Care Will Be Slow and Difficult at Harvard Business Review.
  5. Sudo Flaw Lets Linux Users Run Commands As Root Even When They’re Restricted at The Hacker News.
  6. Several machine learning challenges on medical images at Grand Challenge.
  7. Exploratory’s Data Science Simple UI experience at
  8. Lightning: API-based access to reproducible web visualizations.
  9. En France, plus de 2,6 millions d’images médicales en libre accès sur Internet at 01net.
  10. O Químico e o Príncipe: o papel do cientista contra a pseudociência at Revista Questão de Ciência.
  11. ‘Ismartifone’: Amazon criou ‘inglês brasileiro’ para trazer Alexa ao País at Estadão.


  1. This Brain Computer Uses Your Jugular Like a USB Cable by Emily Mullin at OneZero.
  2. How You Manage These 2 Kinds of Employees Will Define Your Company’s Culture at Robert Glazer’s LinkedIn.
  3. How to get your very own RStudio Server and Shiny Server with DigitalOcean at Dean Attali’s Blog.
  4. SPACE = “FREE” OR HOW TO FIX YOUR FACET (WIDTH) at Matt Herman’s Blog.
  5. Neural nets are just people all the way down at Normcore Tech.
  6. What is Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and when should I use it? at Jose Cacho‘s Medium.
  7. Classification, Clustering, and You at Henry Blais‘s Medium.
  8. Practical Clustering with K-Means by Henry Blais at Towards Data Science.
  9. You say you want statistical significance? by Sarah Nooravi at GLAD Community.
  10. How Many Samples Do I Need in My Test? by Marguerite Siboni
    at Towards Data Science.
  11. How To Assess Statistical Significance In Your Data with Permutation Tests by Victor Saenger at Towards Data Science.
  12. The 1-Minute Practice You Can Use to Conquer Anxiety by Melody Wilding, LMSW at Mind Cafe.
  13. The Mathematics and Intuitions of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Using Truncated Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) by Lukmon AYINLA at The Data League.


  1. Como funciona a inteligência artificial por trás dos robôs de voz? at Olhar Digital.

Positions available

  1. Postdoctoral Fellowship in translational research at Institute Necker Enfants Malades.
  2. Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Marquette University.
  3. Programador(a) at Nossas.
  4. Research Assistant/Associate: Decoding Notch signals in real time (Fixed Term) at University of Cambridge.
  5. Machine Learning Researcher at the Advanced Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2).
  6. Next Generation Scientist Intern 2020 at Novartis.
  7. Faculty Position in Data-Driven Engineering Design at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.
  8. Research Scientist – Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving Behavior at BOSCH.
  9. Research Engineer – Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving Behavior at BOSCH.
  10. Postdoctoral opportunity in Machine Learning based Ligand Binding Predictor at the University of Manitoba.
  11. Ph.D. position in Computer Science at Örebro University.
  12. Director, Machine Learning at Comcast.
  13. Lecturer position in Machine Learning at University of Tokyo.
  14. DATA SCIENCE ANALYST II at Corporate.
  15. DATA SCIENCE ANALYST III at Corporate.
  16. Data Engineer Pleno at Jeitto.
  17. Engenheiro de Dados at Geofusion.
  18. Data Scientist Pleno at Lett.
  19. Junior Software Engineer at GovPredict.
  20. Lead Software Engineer at GovPredict.
  21. Analista de Inteligência Artificial at Fs Security Servicos de Tecnologia.
  22. Ph.D. Fellowships in Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge.
  23. 12 Fully Funded Phd Positions in Biomedical AI at the University of Edinburgh.
  24. Machine Learning Engineer at CI&T.