Best links of the week #89

Reading time: 3 minutes
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  1. Statistics 101 – Probability distributions (Shiny App).
  2. Graphoid.
  3. Fuzzy Logic Overview by Erik Horstkotte at his page.
  4. Fuzzy Expert Systems by Erik Horstkotte at his page.
  5. Fuzzy Environmental Control by Erik Horstkotte at his page.
  6. Align (LaTeX environment) at LaTeX Wiki.

Blog posts

  1. Structural Equations Models by Laura Castro-Schilo at Towards Data Science.
  2. Manual linear regression analysis using R at DAVE TANG’S BLOG.
  3. Maximum Likelihood explanation (with examples) at Lea Setruk’s Medium.
  4. Markov Chains: A visual explanation by Victor Powell with text by Lewis Lehe at Setosa Blog.
  5. Chi-square test of independence by hand at Stats and R.
  6. Chi-square test of independence in R at Stats and R.
  7. Fisher’s exact test in R: independence test for a small sample by Antoine Soeteway at Towards Data Science.
  8. The 5 Clustering Algorithms Data Scientists Need to Know by George Seif at Towards Data Science.
  9. K-Means Clustering: Explain It To Me Like I’m 10 by Shreya Rao at Towards Data Science.
  10. 5 SMOTE Techniques for Oversampling your Imbalance Data by Cornellius Yudha Wijaya at Towards Data Science.
  11. What is balanced accuracy? at Statistical Odds & Ends.
  12. SMOTE technique for imbalanced data of 3 classes in R programming— Cardiotocography Data Set by Phuong Del Rosario at Analytics Vidhia.
  13. How to Improve Class Imbalance using Class Weights in Machine Learning by Kamaldeep Singh at Analytics Vidhia.
  14. Validação Cruzada Aninhada com Scikit-learn by Kevin Scaccia at Data ML.
  15. Cleveref, a clever way to reference in LaTeX at texblog.


  1. Showing that the regression line passes through the mean of X and the mean of Y (EASY PROOF) at Easynomics‘s YouTube channel.
  2. Path Analysis | Finding Correlation Coefficients at math et al‘s YouTube channel.
  3. Example of Fuzzy Logic calculation at Afzan Adam’s YouTube channel.
  4. Uniform Cost Search at John Levine‘s YouTube channel.
  5. A* Search at John Levine‘s YouTube channel.

Positions available

  1. Pessoa Cientista de Dados Senior at Memed.
  2. Consultor Pleno de Dados at ICTS.
  3. SRE/DEvOps at phonetrack.
  4. Analista de Inteligência de Mercado Sr at Rodobens.
  5. Engenheiro de Dados Pleno at Hunter Connect.
  6. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados Sênior (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  7. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados Pleno (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  8. Cientista de dados at Flowsense.
  9. Consultor de BI – Júnior (Remoto) at Bix Tecnologia.
  10. Engenheiro de Dados at arquivei.
  11. Data Analyst at Fourth Sail Capital.
  12. Analista de BI Jr at Match.
  13. Cientista de Dados SR at finch.
  14. Data Engineer Junior at Warren.
  15. Analytics Engineer Pleno at Warren.
  16. Analytics Engineer Junior at Warren.
  17. Data Analyst Senior at Warren.
  18. Engenheiro De Dados at GRIA.
  19. Pessoa Engenheira de Software Sênior (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  20. Analista QA Sênior (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  21. Designer de Produto Pleno – UX/UI (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  22. Product Manager Pleno (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  23. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados Sênior (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  24. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados Pleno (Remoto) at SmarttBot.
  25. Machine Learning Engineer (Pl/Sr) at Birdie.
  26. Data Governance Specialist at Minu.
  27. Analista de Dados Sênior at Afya.
  28. Cientista de Dados Sênior at Afya.
  29. Coordenador de Dados at Afya.
  30. Engenheiro de Dados Sênior | Time de Data at V4 Company.
  31. Cientista de Dados Sênior | Time de Data at V4 Company.
  32. Analista de Dados Pleno | Time Data at V4 Company.
  33. Analista de Dados Júnior | Time Marketing at V4 Company.
  34. Cientista De Dados (Junior Remoto) at GRIA.
  35. Data Science Lead at Creditas.
  36. Senior Data Scientist at Creditas.
  37. Pessoa Arquiteta de Dados Sr at Grupo SBF.
  38. Analista de Governança de Dados at Grupo SBF.
  39. Senior Data Analyst at EBANX.
  40. Analytics Engineer Sênior at Escale Digital.
  41. Data Engineering Manager at Escale Digital.
  42. Pessoa Cientista de Dados II (Delivery) at ROCKETMAT.
  43. Analista de Dados Pleno | Time Data at V4 Company.
  44. Many opportunities at enjoei.
  46. Engenheira(o) de Dados Sr at Hospital Sírio-Libanês.
  47. Desenvolvedor de Software Embarcado at Beegol.
  48. Analista Analytics SR at Livelo.
  49. Analista Analytics PL at Livelo.
  50. Engenheiro de Dados Pleno at EloGroup.
  51. Engenheiro de Dados Sênior at EloGroup.
  52. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados at Liv Up.