Best links of the week #67

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Best links of the week from 27th April to 3rd May

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  1. What is glue code? at Wikipedia.
  2. What is the dangling else problem? At Wikipedia.
  3. The DevOps for ML Manifesto.
  4. All recordings for papers and workshops at ICLR 2020.

Blog posts

  1. How To Track Coronavirus In Your Country with Python by Lazar Gugleta at Towards Data Science.
  2. Join DVC for Google Season of Docs 2020 at DVC Blog.
  3. How COVID-19 is changing Data Science Workflows by Dean Pleban at Towards Data Science.
  4. Juros, taxas de crescimento e aproximações at Something Random.
  5. DVC 3 Years 🎉 and 1.0 Pre-release 🚀 at DVC Blog.

Positions available

  1. Ph.D. studentship in AI-based smart energy at the University of Lincoln.
  2. Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Liverpool.
  3. Ph.D. position in Differential and Probabilistic Programming at Utrecht University.
  4. Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Science at the University of Surrey.
  5. A postdoctoral position focused on self-supervised learning from child headcam videos at NYU.
  6. Researcher Position in Reducing Vulnerability Regarding (Healthcare) Robotics at the University of Oslo.
  7. Ph.D. and postdoctoral positions in Multi-Modal Data Mining Methods at Simula.
  8. Data Engineer/DevOps Pleno/Senior at Birdie.
  9. Senior Data Engineer at PlayKids.
  10. Data Scientist at LexisNexis.
  11. Data Scientist Specialist at Bayer.
  12. Data Analytics Consultant at Afiniti.
  13. Cientista de dados at BridgeYou.
  14. Data Visualization Pleno at Caderno Nacional.
  15. Data Scientist at GeekHunter.
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