Best links of the week #14

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Best links of the week from 8th April to 14th April

Source: Business Broadway.


  1. Many more images like the one above at Business Broadway.
  2. Websites with challenges and exercises at Gabriel Fonseca’s GitHub page.
  3. Support innovation in healthcare with Hacking Health! There are several chapters around the world, including several in Brazil and in France :-).
  4. What are some examples of “Correlation does not equal causation?” at Quora.
  5. Does no correlation imply no causality? at Cross Validated.
  6. PEARL VS RUBIN (GELMAN) at Dokyun Lee’s website.
  7. Virgilio, your new Mentor for Data Science E-Learning at Giacomo Ciarlini.
  8. A quick reference for data visualization.
  9. Dev Tube.
  10. Por que preciso de “Análise de Componentes Principais” ou PCA na mineração de dados? at Quora.
  11. Harvard lança 15 cursos gratuitos de Inteligência Artificial at Estagio Online.
  12. Os testes de Harvard selecionam seus genes at Deviante.
  13. A realidade biopsicossocial da violência at Deviante.


  1. Why a data scientist is not a data engineer at O’Reilly Ideas.
  2. Data engineers vs. data scientists at O’Reilly Ideas.
  3. Causation without Correlation is Possible at The Incidental Economist.
  4. Know your risks, but meat still isn’t the enemy at The Incidental Economist.
  5. Reader Response: Causation Bias at The Incidental Economist.
  6. What to do when your training and testing data come from different distributions at FreeCodeCamp.
  7. Great developers are raised, not hired at The Principal Developer.
  8. Learning from our errors in data visualisation at The Economist.


  1. Super Science Friends, a nice science animation.

Positions available

  1. Big Data Analyst at PRODESP.
  2. Cientista de dados at BLU.
  3. Data Mining Assistent at TalentFlux.
  4. Researcher / Data Scientist at Hitachi Europe.
  5. Predictive Analytics Team Lead (home based) at UNOPS.
  6. Data Scientist at EDF Training.

Data Science focused and commented version in Portuguese here.