Best links of the week #19

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Best links of the week from 13th May to 19th May

Source: xkcd.


  1. Super Simple Highlighter.
  2. naniar R package for handling missing data.
  3. Concepts of MCAR, MAR and MNAR (in the Flexible Imputation of Missing Data book by Stef van Buuren) at Stefan van Buuren’s website.
  4. What are some amazing human genetic mutations? at Quora.
  5. How brown eyed parents can have blue eyed kids? at Genetics – The Tech.
  6. How Blue Eyed Parents Can Have Brown Eyed Children at Genetics – The Tech.
  7. Code and slides for RStudio webinars at RStudio GitHub.
  8. RStudio Webinars.
  9. Grocery bills can predict diabetes rates by neighborhood at MIT Technology Reviews.
  10. What is the root cause of the class imbalance problem? Best answers: here and here at Cross Validated.
  11. Why we need to handle data imbalance? Best answer at Cross Validated.
  12. The first thing you should do to your data is to summarize it. Definitely, even before anything you can think of. Imported to R? Summarize it. Here you can find several functions (with descriptions) on how to do it. If you’re writing a report on your data, you should definitely check this link. Understanding your data is fundamental!
  13. Enrich your stories with charts, in seconds with Datawrapper.
  14. Pesquisa mapeia atuações individuais e em rede no uso de dados abertos do governo at CGU Notícias.


  1. Missing Data Mechanisms: A Primer at The Analysis Factor.
  2. How to Diagnose the Missing Data Mechanism at The Analysis Factor.
  3. Unbalanced data is a problem? No, balanced data is worse at Mad (Data) Scientist.
  4. My favourite R package for: summarising data at Dabbling with data.
  5. Criando um dataset de faces com Dlib at iMasters.


  1. Simulating Natural Selection at Primer YouTube channel.


  1. Há humanos adaptados ao mergulho para caçar? at Deviante (Spin de Notícias).

Positions available

  1. PhD Studentship – Regulation of cell shape: from nanoscale processes to cell-scale mechanics (Fixed Term) at University of Cambridge.
  2. PhD and Post-doc Positions at EPFL (Switzerland).
  3. Engenheiro de Dados at Hariken.
  4. Engenheiro de Dados at Social Miner.
  5. Senior Backend Engineer – Data at Jusbrasil.
  6. Engenheiro de Dados at tembici.
  7. 12 Data positions at Globo.
  8. Software Engineer at Google Belo Horizonte.
  9. Software Engineer – Data at Segware.
  10. Engenheiro (a) de Software at
  11. Engenheiro(a) de Dados at
  12. Cientista de Dados at Legal Insights.
  13. Administrador de Dados at Radar Profissional.
  14. Analista Cloud at Hitss do Brasil Serviços Tecnológicos LTDA.
  15. Especialista em Banco de Dados at Hitss do Brasil Serviços Tecnológicos LTDA.
  16. Analista ETL at Stefanini.
  17. Analista de Inteligência Analítica Sr at Tereos.
  18. Engenheir@ de Dados at Social Miner.
  19. PhD Scholarship on Iot and Data Analytics for Smart Cities at Uppsala University.
  20. Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Artificial Intelligence at University of Bath.
  21. Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Visual Computing at University of Bath.
  22. PhD researcher on Scientific Machine Learning for complex ecosystem interaction analysis at University of Antwerp.
  23. PhD researcher on Next Generation Neural Networks for UAV-based remote sensing at University of Antwerp.
  24. Vacancy: PhD position – Yield and Variability Optimization of Integrated Circuits using Machine Learning at Ghent University.
  25. Research Associate in Reinforcement Learning at University of Oxford.
  26. Professor of Computer Science at Teesside University.
  27. Postdoctoral Positions in Applied or Theoretical Machine Learning at EPFL.
  28. Data Analyst (imaging) at University of Eastern Finland.
  29. Machine Learning Expert at AstraZeneca.
  30. Postdoctoral position in Machine Learning at Instituto de Telecomunicações.
  31. Data Engineer Specialist at Birdie.