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Best links of the week #84

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Best links of the week from 13rd April to 19th April

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  1. Causal Generative Machine Learning Minicourse at Altdeep.
  2. BELIEF IN THE LAW OF SMALL NUMBERS by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman.
  3. Why Some Models Leak Data at PAIR EXPLORABLES.
  4. Moving Trends and Statistics in the US During the COVID-19 Pandemic at Moving Company Reviews.
  5. Os baixos índices de isolamento apesar das restrições at Nexo Jornal.
  6. Os feriadões em disputa. E seus efeitos sobre a pandemia at Nexo Jornal.
  7. Comment: Understanding Simpson’s Paradox at Judea Pearl’s FTP.
  8. Simpson’s Paradox in Covid-19 Case Fatality Rates: A Mediation Analysis of Age-Related Causal Effects at IEEE Computer Science Digital Library.

Blog posts

  1. Why I love dplyr’s across at βLog likelihood.
  2. Interpreting Correlation Coefficients at Statistics By Jim.
  3. Spearman’s Correlation Explained at Statistics By Jim.
  4. How to Analyze Likert Scale Data at Statistics By Jim.
  5. Flu Shots, How Effective Are They? at Statistics By Jim.
  6. Assessing a COVID-19 Vaccination Experiment and Its Results at Statistics By Jim.
  7. “A ciência diz que não funciona!” Fim at Portal Deviante.
  8. O que John Snow tem a ver com Variáveis Instrumentais? at Portal Deviante.


  1. The medical test paradox: Can redesigning Bayes rule help? at 3Blue1Brown‘s YouTube channel.
  2. Why “probability of 0” does not mean “impossible” | Probabilities of probabilities, part 2 at 3Blue1Brown‘s YouTube channel.
  3. Exponential growth and epidemics at 3Blue1Brown‘s YouTube channel.
  4. The first problem with [linear] correlation: nonlinearity– A SIMPLE TUTORIAL at N N Taleb’s Probability Moocs (YouTube Channel).


  1. É possível uma vacina universal para todos os Coronavírus? (Spin #1240).
  2. O que é Viés de Colisão e qual sua influência em estudos sobre a COVID-19? (Spin #1149).

Positions available

  1. Senior Machine Learning Engineer at YData.
  2. Applied Deep Learning Researcher at YData.
  3. Data Engineer at YData.
  4. Arquiteto de Big Data Senior at VISLUMBRE.
  5. Engenheiros de Dados PL ou SR at Qintess.
  6. Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Nubank.
  7. Data Engineer Sênior – Full Remote at will bank.
  8. Data Analytics – Full Remote at will bank.
  9. Engenheiro de Dados at Propz.
  10. Data Analyst JR at T10.
  11. Data Engineer Jr at InfoPrice.
  12. Analista de Business Intelligence at IBGC.
  13. Engenheiro de Dados Sênior | Freelancer at
  14. Data Science Team Leader | Freelancer at
  15. Cientista de dados at Junto Seguros.
  16. Data Engineer at MaxxiData Oportunidades.
  17. Engenheiro de Dados – Data Engineer at Sciensa.
  18. Data Engineer – Tech lead at EEmovel Inteligência Imobiliária.
  19. Cientista de Dados at Kroton.
  20. Pessoa Cientista de Dados Sênior (Vaga Remota) at Meliuz.
  21. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados Sênior ( Vaga Remota) at Meliuz.
  22. Data Engineer at isaac.
  23. Machine Learning Engineer at Via Varejo SA.
  24. Data Scientist (Jr ou Pleno / Remoto) at Coodesh.
  25. Data Architect at iFood.
  26. Data Scientist (Analista de Big data) at SPEED Lab.