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Best links of the week #24

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Best links of the week from 17th June to 23rd June

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  1. Python examples of popular machine learning algorithms with interactive Jupyter demos and math being explained at Oleksii Trekhleb’s GitHub.
  2. TOP 100 R tutorials for beginners at Listen Data.
  3. Best ZSH theme (powerlevel9k) 🙂 at Ben Hilburn’s GitHub.
  4. Discover and install useful RStudio addins at Dean Attali’s GitHub.
  5. Reticulate: R Interface to Python. RMarkdown with Python and R together? Voilà!
  6. Create interactive timeline visualizations in R at Dean Attali’s GitHub.
  7. Building Shiny apps – an interactive tutorial at Dean Attali’s Blog.
  8. Globo recruta para treinamento em ciência de dados com chance de emprego at EXAME.