Best links of the week #22

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Best links of the week from 3rd June to 9th June


  1. Visual Genome.
  2. Voice Changer.
  3. Royalty-free musics here, here and here.
  4. Online machine learning at Wikipedia.
  5. MLflow.
  6. Campanha busca 30 profissionais de TI no Brasil para trabalhar em Portugal.
  7. França proíbe predição baseada em sua jurisprudência, com pena de até 5 anos de prisão at Jusbrasil.
  8. Gerador de nome de Podcast.
  9. Salesforce compra empresa de big data por US$15 bi at Terra.


  1. Transfer learning: the dos and don’ts at Starschema Blog.
  2. Top Soft Skills Employers Love [90+ Examples for Your Resume] at novoresume.
  3. Google open-sources soccer reinforcement learning simulator at VentureBeat.
  4. Machine Learning Pipelines for R by alexioannides at R-Bloggers.
  5. Composable Preprocessing Operators for MLR at mlrCPO GitHub repository.
  6. Machine Learning Pipelines for R at pipeliner (CRAN).
  7. Machine Learning with Python scikit-learn Vs R Caret – Part 1 at Fisseha Berhane’s Blog.
  8. Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost) with R and Python at Fisseha Berhane’s Blog.
  9. O que é Câncer? (Reimagine o Câncer #01) at Deviante.
  10. Como o Liverpool usou dados e tecnologia para vencer a Champions League at Época Negócios.
  11. Um Programador resolveu um quebra-cabeça criptográfico esquecido há 20 anos at Deviante.
  12. Comportamento Agressivo: Dos Hormônios à Natureza Humana at Deviante.
  13. Tutorial — Ajuste e Interpretação de Regressão Linear com R at Data Hacker’s Medium.
  14. Tutorial: Como criar um Podcast at Mundo Podcast.


  1. How to Record and Edit a Podcast in Audacity (Complete Tutorial) at Pat Flynn YouTube channel.
  2. Managing the Machine Learning Lifecycle with MLflow and R with Kevin Kuo (RStudio) at Databricks YouTube channel.

Scientific Articles

  1. A novel progressive learning technique for multi-class classification at Neurocomputing.

Positions available

  1. Fairness in Machine-Learning Algorithms (Post-doc) at DeustoTech.
  2. User behaviour modelling using machine learning and deep learning techniques (Post-doc) at DeustoTech.
  3. Deep Learning for enhancing mobility in smart connected cities (Post-doc) at DeustoTech.
  4. Large scale collaborative logistics optimization by artificial intelligence (Post-doc) at DeustoTech.
  5. Several PhD positions in Machine Learning at Italian Institute of Technology.
  6. Research Scientist at Yahoo Research.
  7. PhD position on “Integration of symbolic knowledge into deep learning” at INRIA.
  8. Sr. Machine Learning Engineer at Groq.
  9. PhD position on “AI methods for public health” at University College London.
  10. PhD position on “Automatic classification using deep learning of hate speech posted on the Internet” at LORIA-INRIA (many more opportunities at LORIA here).
  11. PhD Scholarship is on “All-optical Artificial Neural Networks” at UNSW Australia.
  12. PhD Scholarship is on “Real-time Cognitive Load Measures to Improve Trust in Autonomous Systems” at UNSW Australia.
  13. Software Engineer – Data Engineering Infrastructure at Airbnb.
  14. Analytics Pleno.
  15. Desenvolvedor Python / Big Data at TRIAD SYSTEMS.
  16. Consultor BI/Tableau – Nível Sênior at HrSoul Hunting Relationship.
  17. Engenheiro de Dados at Iris.
  18. Estágio em Análise de Dados at GamersClub.
  19. Engenheiro(a) de Dados at
  20. Desenvolvedor Backend Java (Big Data) at Improving.
  21. Professor(a) plataformas Cloud at Alura.