Best links of the week #32

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Best links of the week from 12th August to 18th August

Due to vacations and an accident at the end of the trip, I was unable to bring to you a set of links as diverse and rich in quality as I’m used to. Comics will also be replaced by this picture of my fiancée and me in front of the Château de Chambord :-). The number of opportunities remains the same, though! I will make sure to bring a better release of this series next week 🙂


  1. Observatório dos Novos Agrotóxicos by Fernando Barbalho.
  2. Petrobras caça talentos para cargo de cientista de dados at Estadão.
  3. O Zen do R.
  4. Several public databases, both brazilian and international sources at Abraji.
  5. What3words: como um aplicativo usa três palavras para salvar vidas at BBC.
  6. R-Style-Guide — Towards a Goal of RED Code at Norm Matloff‘s GitHub.
  7. What’s next for the popular programming language R? at QUARTZ.
  8. Agile Data Science with R.
  9. R package to show dependencies like pip show.
  10. Easily generate information-rich, publication-quality tables from R (RStudio gt) at RStudio’s GitHub.


  1. Estudar no Exterior: o caminho das pedras com Débora Cabral at Portal Deviante.
  2. Local randomness in R by QuestionFlow at R-Bloggers.
  3. Machine learning fundamentals (I): Cost functions and gradient descent by Conor McDonald at Towards Data Science.

Positions available

  1. DataEngineer at HumanAZ – Conectando Propósitos.
  2. Desenvolvedor Backend Java (Big Data) at Improving.
  3. Pleno Data Analyst BI at petlove.
  4. DevOps Sênior at Juno.
  5. Data Engineer Sênior at Juno.
  6. Arquiteto de soluções at TGV.
  7. Cientista de Dados de Políticas Públicas at Grupo Tellus.
  8. Cientista de Dados at Grupo XP.
  9. Cientista de Dados at BTG Pactual.
  10. Data Analyst at Quero Educação.
  11. Machine Learning Engineer at ROIT.
  12. Marketing Data Science & BI.
  13. Data Engineer – Data Engineering at Goldman Sachs.
  14. Analista BI Pleno (programadorC#) at RecrutaSimples.
  15. Ph.D. opportunity on behavioral data science and recommender systems at the University of Bergen.
  16. Analista BI Sênior at Intelity Consultoria Ltda.
  17. Data Science Analyst at Nielsen.
  18. Data Engineer Sr. at CargoX.
  19. Engenheiro de Dados Jr./Pl. at Data Sprints.
  20. Postdoctoral Researcher in machine learning at Université Laval.
  21. Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bath.
  22. Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence (Teaching and Research) at the University of London.
  23. Tenure Track Associate Professor in Machine Learning at the University of Bergen.
  24. Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Interactive Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bristol.