Best links of the week #34

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Best links of the week from 26th August to 1st September


  1. Overfitting in Machine Learning: What It Is and How to Prevent It at Elite Data Science.
  2. Data on Science and Engineering Degrees (1966–2010) at National Science Foundation.
  3. Waymo Open Dataset (Data on Autonomous Driving).
  4. Understanding the Essense of Linear Algebra at Pedro Junqueira‘s GitHub.
  5. F1-Score at Wikipedia.
  6. Machine Learning in Healthcare: Now for Everyone at
  7. 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak at Wikipedia.
  8. Como mentir com gráficos: mais 7 detalhes que podem te enganar at Nexo Jornal.
  9. Vitória terá sistema de reconhecimento facial at Gazeta Online.
  10. Happy to see so many new university degrees in modern [and important] topics. Data Journalism (UnB), Artificial Intelligence (UFG) and Statistics and Data Science (USP).


  1. Characteristics of a Data Scientist: Ten C’s at Kate Strachnyi‘s Medium.
  2. The Most Gender-Switched Names in US History at FlowingData.
  3. Análise Exploratória (Black Friday) at Karinne Cristina‘s Medium.
  4. Se XXXX não funciona, como explicar eu ter sarado de…? at Instituto Questão de Ciência.
  5. Já te pediram o CPF na farmácia ? Aqui, alguns bons motivos para tal by Anderson L. Amaral at Data Hackers.
  6. Otimizando os hiperparâmetros by Arthur Lamblet Vaz at Data Hackers.
  7. As melhores plataformas de Competição para Cientistas de Dados by Marlesson Santana at Data Hackers.


  1. Data Science no Exterior — Data Hackers Podcast 14.

Positions available

  1. Postdoctoral studies in bioinformatics to understand T cell biology (scholarship) at Karolinska Institutet.
  2. Cientistas de Dados – Nível Sênior (2 vagas) at HrSoul Hunting Relationship.
  3. Cientista de Dados at Data Science Brigade.
  4. Engenheiro de Dados at Orbia.
  5. Estagiário – Inteligência Artificial at ROIT.
  6. Data Infrastructure Engineer Junior at Wavy.
  7. Data Engineer Sr. at CargoX.
  8. Senior Data Scientist (marketing analytics) at FindHotel.
  9. Ph.D. position in Geometric Deep Learning for Image and Point Cloud Processing at ETH Zurich.
  10. Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Interactive Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bristol.
  11. Post Doctoral Fellow in Deep Learning-based modeling at the University of Arkansas.
  12. Research Fellow in Learning Analytics at the Monash University.
  13. Postdoctoral Associate in Data Science at the New York University.
  14. Senior Research Officer in Social Media Modelling at the University of Essex.
  15. Post-doctoral opportunity in Mathematics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning at Lund University.
  16. Post Doctoral Fellow at Emory University.
  17. Research Fellow (Fixed term) at the University of Nottingham.
  18. Computer Vision Developer at Accenture.
  19. Research Associate in Physically-Informed Probabilistic Modelling of Air Pollution for the Global South at the University of Sheffield.