Best links of the week #35

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Best links of the week from 2nd September to 8th September

Source: Ph.D. Comics.


  1. Does Google not have better algorithms, but only more data? Peter Norvig is quoted as having said that at Quora.
  2. Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything.
  3. Data Annotation: The Billion Dollar Business Behind AI Breakthroughs at Synced.
  4. How artificial intelligence can allow providers to get a better handle on social determinants of health data at Healthcare Finance.
  5. Differential privacy at Wikipedia.
  6. When the A.I. Professor Leaves, Students Suffer, Study Says at the New York Times.
  7. Mapa da Saúde do Estado de Goiás (Aplicativo interativo).
  8. O falso charme do relativismo científico at Revista Questão de Ciência.
  9. Paraná terá hub de inteligência artificial a partir de setembro at G1.
  10. Recompensa da ciência não é rápida, mas é vital, afirma Nobel de física at Folha de São Paulo.


  1. How to deal with Unbalanced Image Datasets in less than 20 lines of code by Arnaldo Gualberto at Analytics Vidhya.
  2. Problems With Data in the Healthcare Industry by Kacper Kubara at Analytics Vidhya.
  3. Algebra Is Not The Problem: Unnecessary Partitioning Into Courses Is The Problem by Sunil Singh at Reimagining the learning and teaching of mathematics.
  4. Two Key — but ignored— Steps to Solving Any Math Problem by James Tanton at Reimagining the learning and teaching of mathematics.
  5. Queimadas na Amazônia Brasileira: uma análise espaço-temporal at Marcelo Curtarelli‘s LinkedIn.
  6. PDF is not a probability at Aerin Kim‘s Medium.
  7. Age, Gender, and the Highest Award in Mathematics by Sarah Mayes-Tang at Reimagining the learning and teaching of mathematics.
  8. The bootstrap. The Swiss army knife of any data scientist by Gianluca Malato at Data Science Journal.
  9. Support Vector Machines Explained at Zach Bedell‘s Medium.
  10. Top 5 Free Resources for Learning Data Science by Rebecca Vickery at vickdata.


  1. Por que a água não se junta com o fogo? (SciKids #28) at Portal Deviante.

Positions available

  1. Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow in Machine Learning at Monash University.
  2. Professor in hybrid artificial intelligence at KU Leven.
  3. Research professor in natural language and multimedia processing at KU Leven.
  4. Associate Prof. in Machine Learning – two permanent positions in the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo.
  5. Ph.D. fellowship in Electronic Systems with a focus on machine monitoring analytics and automation at Lulea university of technology.
  6. Five Ph.D. fellowships in artificial intelligence for science at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
  7. Post-doctoral opportunity in AI at Emory University.
  8. Postdoctoral Fellow within Autonomous Navigation for Robots in Agriculture at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.
  9. Postdoctoral Research Associate I (Data Analysis) at the University of Arizona.
  10. Postdoctoral position in scientific computing in the area of privacy-preserving federated machine learning at Uppsala Universitet.
  11. Research Fellow in Machine Learning at Linköping University.
  12. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Machine Learning at Colorado State University.
  13. Pessoa Cientista de Dados at MaxMilhas.
  14. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados at MaxMilhas.
  15. Data Scientist NLP at NeuralMed.
  16. Cientista de Dados Jr at JOTA.
  17. Data Scientist (IT) at a large multinational corporation located in ‘Vale do Paraíba’.
  18. Analista de Engenharia de Dados Sênior at Banco Inter.
  19. Cientista de Dados at InfoVagas.
  20. Cientista de Dados at Bridgestone do Brasil.
  21. Coordenador de Business Intelligence at CargoX.
  22. Lead Data Scientist at SumUp Bank.