Best links of the week #36

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Best links of the week from 9th September to 15th September


  1. Apple announces three groundbreaking health studies at
  2. MACHINE LEARNING: An online comic from Google AI.
  3. Discoveries from Canada’s largest health data collection project point to huge potential for precision medicine to be used with targeted policies at Policy Options Politiques.
  4. Meta-analysis course (in R) by Thomas Pollet (Northumbria University).
  5. An AI system identified a potential new drug in just 46 days at MIT Technology Review.
  6. How big data can save lives at Berkeley Public Health.
  7. MIT Moral Machine.
  8. Prêmio distribui €1 milhão para projetos inovadores em saúde no Brasil at Eurofarma.
  9. Material do Workshop em R (UFRN) at Marcus Nunes’s GitHub.


  1. The Problem With Machine Learning In Healthcare by SeattleDataGuy at Towards Data Science.
  2. How To Develop A Successful Healthcare Analytics Product by SeattleDataGuy at Towards Data Science.
  3. “When will I ever need Pythagoras?” — an honest response by Junaid Mubeen at QED.
  4. How to Write Clearly If You Are an Intuitive Thinker by Coach Tony
    at Better Humans.
  5. Machine Learning, AI and Beyond— What are the Limits of the Hype? at Eric Likhtiger‘s Medium.
  6. Are first babies more likely to be late? by Allen Downey at Towards Data Science.
  7. Classification and Regression Analysis with Decision Trees by Lorraine Li at Towards Data Science.
  8. 30 Helpful Python Snippets That You Can Learn in 30 Seconds or Less by Fatos Morina at Towards Data Science.
  9. Top 7 Data Science Courses on GitHub by Fatos Morina at Towards Data Science.
  10. What the Hell is a Neural Network? A 5 Minute Primer for Non-Engineers by Charlie Lambropoulos at Scrum Launch.
  11. LGPD Series: The Retail Scenario (Portuguese and English version in the link) at Patricia Peck Pinheiro’s Linkedin.
  12. Série LGPD: o cenário na Saúde at Patricia Peck Pinheiro’s Linkedin.
  13. Machine Learning: the Myth of Titanic at Julie Yin‘s Medium.
  14. Revistas científicas em Healthdata e Machine Learning at‘s Medium.


  1. Qual é o impacto do uso de maconha durante a gestação? – 5 Kaosian (Spin #674 – 15/09/19).


  1. Fermat’s Last Theorem at Numberphile’s YouTube channel.

Positions available

  1. Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of California Davis.
  2. Tenured/Tenure-Track Professor, Department of Statistics & Data Sciences at the University of Texas and Austin.
  3. Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning and Computer Vision at BROAD Institute.
  4. Ph.D. Opportunity in Theory and practice of interpreting machine learning models at the Brain and Data Science Group (Universitätsmedizin Berlin).
  5. Estágiário em Dados (Analytics) at Quod.
  6. Senior Research Associate opportunity in New Approaches to Bayesian Data Science at the University of Bristol.
  7. Two Ph.D. opportunities in Ethical use of AI at Tamperi University.
  8. Postdoctoral opportunity in on AI, Machine Learning and Control Methods for Navigation of Electric Vehicles at the Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg.
  9. Cientista de Dados at vert.
  10. Administrador de Dados at Mirante Tecnologia.
  11. Analista de BI (Trust and Safety) at Elo7.
  12. Senior Mobile Engineer at SumUp.
  13. Data Engineer – Pleno at Oncase.
  14. Data Engineer – Sênior at Oncase.
  15. Cientista de Dados – Pleno at Oncase.
  16. Cientista de Dados at hotmart.
  17. Analista de Dados at hotmart.
  18. Engenheiro/Cientista de Dados at supero.
  19. Engenharia de dados (Estágio) at Bwtech.
  20. Engenheiro de Dados SR at Kroton.
  21. Market Research Analyst & Interviewer (consultant / per project) at Euromonitor International.
  22. Cientista de Dados (Junior, Pleno e Sênior) at Inovation IT Premium Outsourcing .
  23. Senior Data Scientist (m/f) at Kreditech.
  24. Ph.D. opportunity in Open Deep Learning toolkit for Robotics at the Aarhus University.
  25. Several positions at the Institute of Cancer Research.