Best links of the week #37/38

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Best links of the week from 16th September to 29th September


  1. Why is it that machine-learning systems are black boxes even to the researchers that build them? at Quora.
  2. AEV Autonomous Driving Dataset (A2D2).
  3. Visual Vocabulary at Financial Times’ Visual & Data Journalism team’s GitHub.
  4. What is the difference between conjecture and hypothesis? at Cyberprodige.
  5. Several datasets at Google AI.
  6. AI Can Read A Cardiac MRI In 4 Seconds: Do We Still Need Human Input? at Forbes.
  7. Dados pessoais de toda população do Equador vazam online at Olhar Digital.
  8. Ministério da Economia disponibiliza dados do Sistema Nacional de Emprego at Ministério da Economia.
  9. HackaSiemens: A Hackaton by Siemens (3rd edition).
  10. Análises sobre SICONF: Despesas com educação x IDEB at Tesouro Nacional.
  11. Plataforma mostra que Ceará gasta menos que São Paulo, por escola, mas obtém melhores resultados no Ideb at Focus.
  12. Nestlé usa inteligência artificial para monitorar a felicidade das vacas at Época Negócios.
  13. “Uma secretaria de CT&I é fundamental para os estados” at Nossa Ciência.


  1. A Day in the Life of Americans at FlowingData.
  2. August 2019: “Top 40” R packages (Focus on flashlight) by Joseph Rickert at RViews (RStudio).
  3. Quer viver mais? Viva perto da sua avó at Portal Deviante.
  4. Setembro Amarelo – Pt. 1 at Rodrigo Silva’s Medium.
  5. Setembro Amarelo: Análise do Suicídio no Brasil com Data Science at SIGMOIDAL.
  6. Análise de Dados sobre temperaturas no Brasil at João Vitor Deon‘s Medium.
  7. Web scraping do Google trends at João Vitor Deon‘s Medium.
  8. Suicídio sem tabu: o que é o Algoritmo da Vida, que já encaminhou 1.400 pessoas ao CVV at Marc Tawil‘s LinkedIn.
  9. Raspar dados não é crime at Escola de Dados.
  10. informações sobre portais que usam CKAN at Dados Abertos.


  1. How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter at Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Positions available

  1. Two postdoctoral positions offered (analysis of collective movement and bioacoustics/machine learning) to join an interdisciplinary collaborative project on communication and collective behavior in animal group at the University of Konstanz and San Diego State University.
  2. Assistant professor position in Data Mining for Health at Halmstad University.
  3. Full/Assoc Professor in Machine Learning at Monash University.
  4. Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics at the State University of New York.
  5. Assistant Professor-Big Data Development/Image Processing – Molecular & Cell Biology at the University of California Berkeley.
  6. Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the Central Washington University.
  7. Flatiron Research Fellow, Developmental Dynamics, Center for Computational Biology at Simons Foundation.
  8. Assistant Professor (tenure-track) and Professor positions in Data-Driven Science, computational sciences and computer systems at IST Austria.
  9. Two Ph.D. Candidates in Software Science at Radboud University.
  10. Postdoctoral Position in Software Science at Radboud University.
  11. Cientista de Dados at Magazine Luiza.
  12. Estagiário de Ciência de Dados at Magazine Luiza.
  13. Business Intelligence at Globant.
  14. Cientista de Dados at Bayer.
  15. Data Engineer (Junior/Mid-level) at HABITO.
  16. Analyst/Developer in Artificial Intelligence at Unicamp.
  17. Fully funded PhD positions are available in the Center for Processing Speech and Images at KU Leuven.
  18. Thesis Machine learning and game theory for future urban mobility at Bosch.
  19. Ph.D. fellowship in Computer Science Specializing in Software Trace Analytics for Software Testing at Mälardalen University.
  20. Research Fellow in Machine Learning at University of Surrey.
  21. Two Ph.D. positions in Optoelectronic Engines for Future Datacenters at Eindhoven University of Technology.
  22. 3 PhD Positions on Big Data Applications for Cardio Care at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
  23. Postdoctoral and Ph.D. opportunity at WISENET.
  24. Post-doctoral Research Fellow – Testbed design for AI-enabled networks at Universitetet i Agder.
  25. Postdoctoral fellow opportunity on Computer Vision at University of Toronto.
  26. Job Ad for W2 Research Faculty Position (equivalent to Associate Professor) in the Lab of Digital and Computational Demography at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR).
  27. Business Intelligence (BI) at Clicksign.
  28. Business Analyst at Liv up.
  29. Cientista de Dados / Analytics at RedFox Soluções Digitais.
  30. Analista de Dados at Camerite.
  31. Data Science Manager, Regional Lead at Lyft.
  32. Analista de Dados at Conexa.
  33. Data Engineer at QuintoAndar.
  34. Data Engineer Sr at CATHO.
  35. Pessoa Engenheira de Dados Sênior at Méliuz.
  36. Analista de Analytics Sr at Kroton.
  37. Research Software Engineer in Machine Learning Applied to Finance at Oxford university.
  38. Ph.D. position in 3D reconstruction in capsule endoscopy at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
  39. Ph.D. fellowship in machine learning for automated pathology detection at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
  40. Ph.D. fellowship in mechanical engineering at University of Helsinki.
  41. Analista de Dados Jr at Datazap.
  42. Analista de Dados Pleno at Datazap.
  43. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota.