Best links of the week #39

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Best links of the week from 30th September to 6th October


  1. Facebook Fudges Your Password for Your Convenience at HowToGeek.
  2. Password Strength at xkcd.
  3. Are Dark Themes Really Better for Your Eyes and Battery? at MakeTechEasier.
  4. 5 secrets of master storytellers at The Enterprisers Project.
  5. Estônia quer substituir os juízes por robôs at Época Negócios.


  1. Comparing Database Types: How Database Types Evolved to Meet Different Needs at Prisma.
  2. What is Data Engineering? by Lindsey Whitley at Gusto Engineering’s Medium.
  3. General Myths to avoid in Data Science and Machine Learning by vibhor nigam at Towards Data Science.
  4. Detecting Audio Deepfakes With AI at Dessa’s Medium.
  5. How to make every student a maths ‘expert’ by Junaid Mubeen at Q.E.D.’s Medium.
  6. How (not) to memorise mathematics by Junaid Mubeen at Hackernoon.
  7. P-value Explained Simply for Data Scientists by Rahul Agarwal at Towards Data Science.
  8. How to Learn Data Science for Free by Rebecca Vickery at Towards Data Science.
  9. The 3 Missing Roles that every Data Science Team needs to Hire by Ganes Kesari at Towards Data Science.
  10. Are Neural Networks Capable of Abstract Reasoning? Let’s Use an IQ Test to Prove It by Jesus Rodriguez at Towards Data Science.
  11. Not always predictive analytics is required, Exploratory Analysis can do wonders by Anshul Kanthaliya at Towards Data Science.
  12. This is Why Nobody is Reading Your Content by Adrian Drew at The Writing Cooperative’s Medium.
  13. How to Make a Living as a Writer — Everything I Know by Kern Carter at C.R.Y.
  14. Artificial Intelligence and Medicine: Is It Overhyped? by Oleksii Kharkovyna at Hackernoon.
  15. Clickbait ou Não? Usando Naive Bayes Para Classificar Títulos do Buzzfeed by João Gabriel Zó at Data Hackers’ Medium.


  1. Artigo científico rejeitado? Aceito com modificações? Responda editores e revisores adequadamente at Canal Descomplicado’s YouTube channel.


  1. Câncer de Mama (Reimagine o Câncer #05) at SciCast (Portal Deviante).

Positions available

  1. Arquiteto de dados at ShareRH.
  2. Data Engineer Pleno at Jeitto.
  3. Data Scientist Pleno at Jeitto.
  4. Cloud Engineering at Quero Educação.
  5. Engenheiro de Dados at Iteam.
  6. DBA Oracle Sênior at Iteam.
  7. Data Engineer at HABITO.
  8. Data Science Analyst II at Corporate.
  9. Data Science Analyst III at Corporate.
  10. Analista de Dados at Cunha & Petreche.
  11. Analista de Modelagem de Dados at Cunha & Petreche.
  12. Data Analytics Jr at docket.
  13. Research Associate – Computational modelling of memory in sleep at Cardiff University.
  14. Postdoctoral Associate – Edge ML/AI for Advanced Urban Sensing Platform at New York University.
  15. Cluster hire of Tenure Track Faculty in Urban Science and Engineering at New York University.
  16. University Lecturer/ University Senior Lecturer in Machine Learning / Data Science at the University of Cambridge.
  17. Two Ph.D. Candidates in Software and Data Science at Radboud University.
  18. Postdoctoral Position in Software Science at Radboud University.
  19. Post Doc Researcher – Machine Learning at Microsoft Research.
  20. Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence Techniques at TU Wien.
  21. Asst, Assoc or Full Professor – Computer Science and Engineering (2 Positions) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  22. Research internship in Reinforcement Learning for Controlled Text Generation at NAVER LABS Europe.
  23. Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Motion Planning for Legged Locomotion at the University of Oxford.
  24. Flatiron Research Fellow, Machine Learning & Statistics at SIMONS Foundation.
  25. Research associate position in machine learning / deep learning: automated generation of web pages at Romanian Institute of Science and Technology.
  26. Developer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning Research at DynAikon.
  27. Research Fellow (cognitive-computational (neuro)science) at Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research.