Best links of the week #44

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Best links of the week from 4th November to 10th November

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  1. Amazon makes its second digital health acquisition with Health Navigator at Mobi Health News.
  2. Metasyntactic variable at Wikipedia.
  3. Statistical Relationship: Definition, Examples at Statistics How To.
  4. ggtext at Claus Wilke‘s GitHub.
  5. Plot Ridge coefficients as a function of the regularization at Scikit-Learn website.
  6. IBM pede regulamentação para reconhecimento facial at Olhar Digital.
  7. Indiferença à verdade na era dos totalitarismos customizados at Revista Questão de Ciência.
  8. Google lança aplicativos para ajudar a passar menos tempo no celular at TechTudo.
  9. Laura: a inteligência artificial que já salvou 12 mil vidas no Brasil at Endeavor.
  10. Por que o novo filme do ‘Exterminador do Futuro’ está irritando pesquisadores de inteligência artificial at BBC Brasil.
  11. Esta empresa criou uma inteligência artificial que funciona como a humana at Época Negócios.


  1. Where did the least-square come from? by Tirthajyoti Sarkar at Towards Data Science.
  2. Introducing Model Bias and Variance by Peter Grant at Towards Data Science.
  3. Linear Regression — Detailed View by Saishruthi Swaminathan at Towards Data Science.
  4. Simple and Multiple Linear Regression in Python by Adi Bronshtein at Towards Data Science.
  5. Generalized Linear Models in R, Part 1: Calculating Predicted Probability in Binary Logistic Regression at The Analysis Factor.
  6. Generalized Linear Models in R, Part 2: Understanding Model Fit in Logistic Regression Output at The Analysis Factor.
  7. Generalized Linear Models in R, Part 3: Plotting Predicted Probabilities at The Analysis Factor.
  8. Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) in R, Part 4: Options, Link Functions, and Interpretation at The Analysis Factor.
  10. Regularization: Ridge, Lasso and Elastic Net by Michał Oleszak at DataCamp Community Tutorials.
  11. Regularization: the path to bias-variance trade-off by HAFEEZ JIMOH at Towards Data Science.
  12. The Difference Between Logistic and Probit Regression at The Analysis Factor.
  13. Five Extensions of the General Linear Model at The Analysis Factor.
  14. How to break regression by Solomon Messing at Decoded / Pew Research Center.
  15. How to create confounders with regression: a lesson from causal inference by Ben Ogorek at R-Bloggers (or in his blog at Anything But R-Bitrary.
  16. Three ways to call C/C++ from R at Anything But R-Bitrary.
  17. Random regression coefficients using lme4 at Anything But R-Bitrary.


  1. Machine Learning Fundamentals: Cross-Validation at StatQuest with Josh Starmer.
  2. How to Calculate R Squared Using Regression Analysis at statisticsfun,
  3. Regularization Part 1: Ridge Regression at StatQuest with Josh Starmer.
  4. Regularization Part 2: Lasso Regression at StatQuest with Josh Starmer.
  5. Regularization Part 3: Elastic Net Regression at StatQuest with Josh Starmer.
  6. Fundamentos de Aprendizagem de Máquina: Viés e Variância at StatQuest with Josh Starmer.


  1. Casual Inference: Talking Target Trials with Miguel Hernan | Episode 01 at Casual Inference Podcast.

Positions available

  1. Research Chair in Computer Science at Concordia University.
  2. Senior Research Associate in High-Dimensional Longitudinal Methods at Lancaster University.
  3. 2 Postdoctoral research opportunities in Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning and Probabilistic Modelling at the University of Helsinki.
  4. Research Associate Position in Probabilistic Modelling for Low-Cost Air Pollution Monitoring at the University of Sheffield.
  5. Assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction and Music at the New York University.
  6. Research Associate Position in Learning Agents and Robots at RISE.
  7. Cientista de Dados (Sênior) at Gupy Tech.
  8. Enterprise Data Engineer at 10x GENOMICS.
  9. Tenure-track positions in Statistics at Wake Forest University.
  10. Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Data Science at the University of Kentucky.
  11. Two Tenure track positions in Mathematical Statistics as Assistant/Associate professor at University of Amsterdam.
  12. Data Engineer at ENGIE Cofely France.
  13. Data Scientist at Fujitsu France.
  14. CDI – Data engineer – Python at HireFirst.
  15. Data Engineer at Contentsquare.
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