Best links of the week #43

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Best links of the week from 28th October to 3rd November

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  1. Several links related to governmental data in Brazil at Colaboradados.
  2. What They Forgot to Teach You About R by Jennifer Bryan and Jim Hester.
  3. Joplin, an open-source note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities.
  4. Typora, a truly minimal markdown editor (goes hand in hand with Joplin.
  5. How to Turn Vim Into an IDE for R at Kade Killary‘s Medium.
  6. 600 minutes of free transcription per month!
  7. Free Online Image Editor.
  8. How Millennial Parents Are Embracing Health and Wellness Technologies for Their Generation Alpha Kids at IEEE Transmitter.
  9. Giving algorithms a sense of uncertainty could make them more ethical at MIT Technology Review.
  10. What would a PhD graduate advise a new PhD student? at Quora.
  11. Por que o novo filme do ‘Exterminador do Futuro’ está irritando pesquisadores de inteligência artificial at BBC News Brasil.
  12. Entrevista: Por que homeopatia é placebo – e não deve ser paga pelo SUS at Super Interessante.


  1. Hypothesis Testing in Machine Learning: What for and Why by Gonzalo Ferreiro Volpi at DataSeries’s Medium.
  2. Hypothesis tests and p-value: a gentle introduction by Valentina Alto at Towards Data Science.
  3. An Introduction to Dimensionality Reduction by Peter Grant at Towards Data Science.
  4. A Primer on Model Fitting by Peter Grant at Towards Data Science.
  5. Understanding the Fundamentals of Linear Regression by Peter Grant at Towards Data Science.
  6. Understanding Multiple Regression by Peter Grant at Towards Data Science.
  7. L1 and L2 Regularization Methods by Anuja Nagpal at Towards Data Science.
  8. Ridge Regression for Better Usage by Kyoosik Kim at Towards Data Science.
  9. The penalty of missing values in Data Science by Tanveer Sayyed at Free Code Camp.
  10. Finding Correlation Between Many Variables (Multidimensional Dataset) with Python at Sebastian Norena’s Medium.
  11. Prosecutor’s Fallacy at Erika Russi‘s Medium.
  12. The Prosecutor’s Fallacy by Lora Johns at Towards Data Science.
  13. History’s message about regulating AI at Brookings Institution.
  14. Sexismo, ciência e cérebro: é mais complicado do que parece at Revista Questão de Ciência.
  15. A doença degenerativa do Coringa at Revista Questão de Ciência.


  1. Series of videos in Causal Inference by Scott Venners at his YouTube channel.
  2. Panel Discussion on ML and ethics at NGSchool2019 (Poland).


  1. Paradoxo de Simpson at Variância (Intervalo de Confiança).
  2. Nicolas Cage faz as pessoas se afogarem em piscinas? at Intervalo de Confiança.

Positions available

  1. Full-Time Lead Data Scientist Opportunity at CVS Health/Aetna.
  2. Postdoctoral opportunity in Dimension Supercharged Projective Sampling at Warwick University.
  3. Data Scientist – Advanced Analytics [1, 2, 3] at IBM.
  4. Cientista de Dados Analytics [1, 2, 3] at IBM.
  5. Pesquisador de Dados – Junior [1, 2] at IBM
  6. EMBL Australia Group Leader at the University of New South Wales.
  7. DevOps/DataOps Sênior at Geru.
  8. Data Engineer Pleno/Sênior at Geru.
  9. Data Engineer Pleno/Sênior at Geru.
  10. Cientistas de Dados – Níveis Pleno e Sênior (4 vagas) at HrSoul Hunting Relationship.
  11. Database Reliability Engineer at Trade Me.
  12. Engenheiro de Dados at BTG Pactual.
  13. Data Engineer – m/f/x at door2door.
  14. Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the University of Edinburgh.
  15. Data Scientist at Nubank.

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