Best links of the week #45

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Best links of the week from 11th November to 17th November

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  1. Hyping research runs risk of devaluing science at The Irish Times.
  2. The Cobra Effect: Lessons in Unintended Consequences at The Foundation for Economic Education.
  3. 3 Myths About Machine Learning in Health Care at Harvard Business Review.
  5. Intel open-sources HE-Transformer, a tool that allows AI models to operate on encrypted data at Venture Beat.
  6. Google’s secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions – whistleblower at The Guardian.
  7. Professores brasileiros realizam chamada por reconhecimento facial at Olhar Digital.
  8. O círculo vicioso da conspiração at Revista Questão de Ciência.
  9. Sete em cada dez projetos de inteligência artificial em empresas falham, diz estudo at Estadão.
  10. Falha de segurança da Claro expõe dados de 8 milhões de usuários at Olhar Digital.


  1. What does it mean for a machine to “understand”? at Thomas G. Dietterich‘s Medium.
  2. The 10 Bias and Causality Techniques of that Everyone Needs to Master by Marcos Silva at Towards Data Science.
  3. A Brief History of Statistics by Marcos Silva at Towards Data Science.
  4. Visualizing Bayes Theorem at Oscar Bonilla’s Blog.
  5. How to Build a Probability Microscope by David Steinsaltz at Nautilus‘s Medium.
  6. Entropy, Perplexity and Its Applications at LEI MAO’S LOG BOOK.
  7. Cross Entropy, KL Divergence, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation at LEI MAO’S LOG BOOK.
  8. Gnome Terminator at LEI MAO’S LOG BOOK.
  9. Why Kaggle will NOT make you a great data-scientist by Pranay Dave at Towards Data Science.
  10. 3 distances that every data scientist should know by Joos Korstanje at Towards Data Science.
  11. Everything you Should Know about p-value from Scratch for Data Science by Sharoon Saxena at Analytics Vidhya.
  12. Understanding binary cross-entropy / log loss: a visual explanation by Daniel Godoy at Towards Data Science.
  13. In U.S. First, Scientists Safely Edit Cancer Patients’ Cells With CRISPR by Emily Mullin at One Zero.
  14. 1984 in 2020: Social Engineering in China at David Gil Gonçalves‘ Medium.
  15. How to Negotiate for a Better Salary When You’re Switching Careers at Dawn Graham‘s Medium.
  16. O que acontece quando pesquisadores inventam co-autores? at Renato Pincelli‘s Medium.
  17. Data Cleaning em gêneros de filmes at Karinne Cristina‘s LinkedIn.


  1. A Short Introduction to Entropy, Cross-Entropy and KL-Divergence at Aurélien Géron‘s YouTube channel.

Positions available

  1. Postdoctoral / Research Staff Member Position on Unifying Learning and Reasoning at IBM Research (Zurich).
  2. HPC Software and Community Developer for Deep / Machine Learning at Jülich Supercomputing Centre.
  3. Two Researchers and HPC Software Engineers for Deep / Machine Learning at Jülich Supercomputing Centre.
  4. Scientific Team Leader, Researcher Deep Learning / AI at Jülich Supercomputing Centre.
  5. Ph.D. student position on Machine Learning at Oulu University.
  6. Software Algorithm Engineer in Advanced Sensing at General Motors.
  7. Systems Engineer (Automated Driving Advanced Development-RADAR) at General Motors.
  8. Two Assistant Professor positions in Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Delaware.
  9. An Associate or established Assistant Professor position in Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Delaware.
  10. Two positions in foundations of Data Science (University-wide cluster hire) at the University of Delaware.
  11. Ph.D. position on AI and Machine Learning at the Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems at Örebro University.
  12. WASP AI Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Mathematical Statistics at Umeå University.
  13. Post-doctoral opportunity in data-driven methods to solve multi-scale problems in physical sciences at the University of Minnesota.
  14. Turing Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Fellowships.
  15. Turing Artificial Intelligence World-Leading Researcher Fellowships.
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