Best links of the week #48

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Best links of the week from 2nd December to 8th December

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  1. What can you expect at NeurIPS 2019? at PacktPub.
  2. NeurIPS 2019 Livestream.
  3. Is it worth attending NeurIPS if you’re not an academic?
  4. Colliders in Epidemiology: an educational interactive web application.
  5. Treinamento técnico em Bioinformática com bolsa da FAPESP at Agência FAPESP.
  6. Properties of the OLS estimator at StatLect.


  1. NIPS 2017: 1st day at Dmytro Mishkin‘s Medium.
  2. NIPS 2017, Day 4 (orals + symposium) at Dmytro Mishkin‘s Medium.
  3. Nine things I wish I had known the first time I came to NIPS at Jennifer Wortman Vaughan‘s Medium (Some extra comments on this post here).
  4. Preparing for NeurIPS at Keren Gu‘s Medium.
  5. How to NeurIPS at Jade Abbott‘s Medium.
  6. How to analyze a research paper at Jade Abbott‘s Medium.
  7. NeurIPS 2018 Through the Eyes of First-Timers at Synced Review.
  8. NeurIPS: A Beginner’s Guide at Max Marion‘s website.
  9. Regressão Linear at Natan Anael‘s Medium.
  10. Beware the Propensity Score: It’s a Collider at Fernando Martel García’s GitHub.
  11. Remarks on Chen and Pearl on causality in econometrics textbooks at Chris Auld’s Blog.


  1. Origin of Markov chains at Khan Academy Labs’s YouTube channel.
  2. OpenAI Plays Hide and Seek…and Breaks The Game! at Two Minute Papers’s YouTube channel.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Debate – Yann LeCun vs. Gary Marcus – Does AI Need More Innate Machinery? at The Artificial Intelligence Channel on YouTube. I wrote a Twitter thread here commenting on the debate.


  1. Quantitative Bias Analysis with Matt Fox at Casual Inference Podcast.
  2. Você confiaria num “Robô Juiz”? at Spin de Notícias.

Positions available

  1. Research Scientist – Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving Behavior at Bosch.
  2. Research Engineer – Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving Behavior at Bosch.
  3. Research Intern in Machine Learning at Bosch.
  4. 8 Ph.D. fellowships at Institut Curie.
  5. Assistant or Associate Professor in Machine Learning at Université de Montreal.
  6. Ph.D. and Postdoctoral opportunities in Recurrent Neural Networks and Related Machines That Learn Algorithms at Swiss AI Lab IDSIA.
  7. Research position in Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning at INESCTEC.
  8. Research position in Machine Learning at INESCTEC.
  9. Four Postdoctoral Research Assistant position in AI for Healthcare at the University of Oxford.
  10. Two Senior Research Associate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford.
  11. Two Research Scientist in AI for Healthcare at the University of Oxford.
  12. 50+ opportunities in Engineering, Information Technology and Research at ACT.
  13. Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow in Machine Learning For Autonomous Robot at UCL.
  14. Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow in Machine Learning for Climate Science at UCL.
  15. Postdoctoral fellowship in fairness aware artificial intelligence, federated learning, dynamic sequence data modeling, and recommendation at the University of Arkansas.
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