Best links of the week #51

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Best links of the week from 6th January to 12th January

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I’m on vacations so don’t expect a lot of links in the following releases 🙂


  1. Universal approximation theorem at Wikipedia.
  2. No free lunch theorem at Wikipedia.
  3. What’s Lost When Research Is Driven Primarily by Funding at Scientific American.
  4. How the Internet Travels Across Oceans at the New York Times.
  5. Huawei’s Linux Distribution openEuler is Available Now! at It’s FOSS.
  6. The Unstoppable Rise of Sci-Hub: How does a new generation of researchers perceive Sci-Hub? at LSE Impact Blog.


  1. Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow at Joel Grus.
  2. Positivity: what it is and why it matters for data science at Ellie Murray‘s Medium.
  3. Adherence adjustment in randomized trials is possible, here’s why at Ellie Murray‘s Medium.


  1. Why humans run the world by Yuval Noah Harari at TED’s YouTube Channel.
  2. Bayes theorem, and making probability intuitive at 3Blue1Brown YouTube Channel.
  3. The quick proof of Bayes’ theorem at 3Blue1Brown YouTube Channel.
  4. Como se livrar das caixas pretas e ter mais confiança nos modelos by Prof. Vinícius Galvão at EstaTiDados YouTube Channel.

Podcast episodes

  1. Doutorando e Pesquisador em Bioinformática na Sorbonne em Paris, França at Carreira sem Fronteiras #47.

Positions available

  1. Chair in Machine Learning (Full or Associate professor) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
  2. Post-doctoral Fellowship in Computational Statistics at FAPESP.
  3. Arquiteto de Dados at CINQ Technologies.
  4. Data Engineer at Cora.
  5. Cientista de Dados (Visão Computacional) at Kognita Lab.
  6. Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer at DAITAN.
  7. Senior Data Scientist Researcher (Ph.D. Level).
  8. Job offer for professionals holding a Ph.D. in Data Science.
  9. Job offer in behavior modeling for professionals holding a Ph.D. in Data Science.
  10. Assistant or Associate Professor of Computer Science at Iowa State University.
  11. Assistant Professor in Human-Computer Interaction, Design, and Music (Tenure-track) at New York University.
  12. Research Fellow of Machine Learning at University of Tartu.
  13. Research Fellow in Databases for Artificial Intelligence at KU Leven.
  14. Lecturer/Associate Professor in Machine Learning at UCL.
  15. Several Ph.D. opportunities in the TALENT Doctoral Fellowship Programme at the University of Copenhagen.
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