Best links of the week #50

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Best links of the week from 30th December to 5th January

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I’m on vacations so don’t expect a lot of links in the following releases 🙂


  1. Explaining Away at Martin Thoma.
  2. 12 things I wish I’d known before starting as a Data Scientist at Deliberate Data Science.
  3. The Grandmaster in the Corner Office: What the Study of Chess Experts Teaches Us about Building a Remarkable Life at the Study Hacks Blog.
  4. Does Living a Remarkable Life Require Courage or Effort? the Study Hacks Blog.
  5. Your job is not Machine Learning at Deliberate Data Science.


  1. Can You Become a Data Scientist? at 365 Data Science.

Positions available

  1. Data Engineer Pleno at Jeitto.
  2. Postdoctoral Researcher position in Computer Vision and Deep Learning at the University of Helsinki.
  3. Climate change postdoc opportunity at Mila AI Institute.
  4. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at CSIRO.
  5. Research Assistant in Artificial Intelligence in Life Science Applications at the Technical University of Munich.
  6. Assistant Teaching Professor in Statistics at UC Berkeley.
  7. Assistant/Associate Professor in AI / Machine Learning / Robotics at the University of Texas.
  8. Bell Labs Intern Augmented Human Sensing at Nokia.
  9. Ph.D. Studentship Artificial Intelligence Enabling Next Generation Synthesis at the University of Nottingham.
  10. Data Science Intern at Keyrus.
  11. Computer Vision Researcher at Nicoll Curtin.
  12. Machine Learning Engineer at Keen Eye.
  13. Data Scientist at Groupe BPCE.
  14. Data Scientist at Société Générale.
  15. Senior Data Engineer at Ekimetrics.
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