Best links of the week #56

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Best links of the week from 10th February to 16th February

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  1. Samsung deve anunciar “teclado invisível” com IA nesta semana at InfoMoney.
  2. Poster with all the RNA sequencing methods at Illumina.
  3. Poster with all the sequencing methods at Illumina.
  4. Hidden Computational Power Found in the Arms of Neurons at QuantaMagazine.
  5. Petition to allow remote paper & poster presentations at scientific conferences.
  6. Why People Quit Their Jobs at Harvard Business Review.
  7. ICML Introduction to Bandits: Algorithms and Theory.
  8. 3000 Free medical images to illustrate your publications and Powerpoint presentations at smart servier medical art.
  9. Genomics Education Programme (Pictures on Genomics)
  10. Create Professional Science Figures in Minutes at BioRender.
  11. Interview with Prof. Clark Glymour at 3AM.

Blog posts

  1. Por que acredito que no Brasil estamos entrando em uma bolha de Data Science? at Flávio Clésio’s Blog.
  2. Multiple Inheritance and Linearization at Amador Pahim’s Blog.
  3. My bet on causal reinforcement learning by Robert Osazuwa Ness at Towards Data Science.
  4. Is Causation Scientific? at David Kinney’s Blog.
  5. Why Random Forests can’t predict trends and how to overcome this problem? by Aman Arora at Data Driven Investor.
  6. What are Random Forests and how do they really work? at Aman Arora’s Medium.


  1. Estatísticas para Data Science (Episódio 20) at Data Hackers Podcast.


  1. AI DEBATE : Yoshua Bengio | Gary Marcus at Montreal.AI‘s YouTube channel.
  2. Causal Inference in Data Science From Prediction to Causation by Amit Sharma at Data Council YouTube channel.
  3. Algorithms: Memoization and Dynamic Programming at HackerRank YouTube channel.

Positions available

  1. Senior Data Analyst at MGinfo.
  2. Professor in Data Science at FGV.
  3. Data Scientist at Kunumi.
  4. Senior Data Analyst at QuintoAndar.
  5. Analista Pleno de Risco at iFood.
  6. Professor (Chair) in AI & Robotics at LIP6 and ISIR, Sorbonne University.
  7. Research Professor (W2/Associate Level) of Data Science and Machine Learning at Tübingen University.
  8. Postdoctoral position in Data Science at SISSA.
  9. Research Associate / Postdoctoral position in machine learning and knowledge representation at the University of Edinburgh.
  10. Postdoctoral position in ML/Stats at the University of Chicago.
  11. Researcher position in Computer Vision/Image Processing/Deep-Learning at RISE.
  12. Especialista Data Intelligence at Ogilvy Brasil.
  13. Data Architect, Data Lake & Analytics at Amazon.
  14. Engenharia de Dados [Pleno] at DataSprints.
  15. Engenharia de Dados [Sênior] at DataSprints.
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