Best links of the week #57

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Best links of the week from 17th February to 23rd February

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  1. Luna. A WYSIWYG language for data processing.
  2. 40 powerful concepts for understanding the world at Gurwinder Bhogal’s Twitter.
  3. Mathematics for Machine Learning (Book).
  4. Fairness and machine learning (Book).
  5. Mathematicians propose new way of using neural networks to work with noisy, high-dimensional data at
  6. Neuroscience opens the black box of artificial intelligence at TechXplore.
  7. What are the differences between Factor Analysis and Principal Component Analysis? at Stack Exchange.
  8. How does Factor Analysis explain the covariance while PCA explains the variance? at Stack Exchange.
  9. Overview of Lord’s, Simpson’s and Birth Weight paradox at Michael Clark’s website.
  10. Em decisão inédita ANVISA libera terapias alterantivas no Brasil.
  11. “Síndrome do sobrinho” na divulgação científica at Revista Questão de Ciência.

Blog posts

  1. Causal Impact: state-space models in settings where a randomized experiment is unavailable at Gustavo Millen’s Blog.
  2. Uber M3 is a Time-Series Database for Massively Scalable Machine Learning Problems by Jesus Rodriguez at Towards Data Science.
  3. Probabilistic Model Selection with AIC, BIC, and MDL by Jason Browniee at Machine Learning Mastery.
  4. A Gentle Introduction to Model Selection for Machine Learning by Jason Browniee at Machine Learning Mastery.

Positions available

  1. Cientista de dados at Ktech!.
  2. Estágio em Análise de Dados at UP.
  3. Analista de BI [Pleno] at DataSprints.
  4. Engenharia de Dados [Pleno/Sênior] at DataSprints.
  5. Engenheiro DevOps/SRE at iClinic.
  6. Cientista de Dados at ENGINEERING.
  7. Cientista de Dados Junior at ENGINEERING.
  8. Professor/a de Data Science e/ou Machine Learning at Alura.
  9. Analista de Dados at Sympla.
  10. Cientista de Dados / Cientista de dados at Sympla.
  11. Analista de Business Intelligence at Sympla.
  12. Many data opportunities at Atlantico.
  13. Data Scientist at RecrutaSimples.
  14. Applications for 2020 Intern Program Are Now Open at RStudio.
  15. Computational Biologist at NSU.
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