Best links of the week #55

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Best links of the week from 3rd February to 9th February

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  1. Collection of 79 attributes from Brazilian Cities at Giovanna Badaró‘s GitHub.
  2. Do androids dream of big data domination? at Times Higher Education.
  3. Robot “Scientist” Helps Discover New Ingredient for Antimalarial Drug at Futurism.
  4. Is your Research Software Correct? at Mike Croucher’s GitHub page.
  5. The long road to fairer algorithms at Nature.
  6. Someone Used Neural Networks To Upscale An 1895 Film To 4K 60 FPS, And The Result Is Really Quite Astounding at Digg.
  7. List Of 20 Common Thesis Defense Questions You Should Be Prepared For at ARTISTSWITHAVISION.
  8. People will not trust unkind science by Gail Cardew at Nature.
  9. Scientific method: Statistical errors by Regina Nuzzo at Nature.
  10. Psychology journal bans P values by Chris Woolston at Nature.
  11. Top tips for getting your science out there by Craig Cormick at Nature.

Blog posts

  1. Four Big Dataviz Myths, Busted by Alexandra Khoo at Nightingale.
  2. Six Hats of Data Visualization by Saurabh Singhal at Nightingale.
  3. Causal Graphs in LaTex because powerpoint graphs suck at Daniel Kumor’s Blog.
  4. Why do we need causality in data science? by Aleix Ruiz de Villa at Towards Data Science.
  5. Use causal graphs! by Aleix Ruiz de Villa at Towards Data Science.
  6. Observing is not intervening by Aleix Ruiz de Villa at Towards Data Science.
  7. Solving Simpson’s Paradox by Aleix Ruiz de Villa at Towards Data Science.
  8. The Twitter Data Scientist Interview by Jay Fang at Towards Data Science.
  9. Research should not stop with the research paper at Daniel Lemire’s blog.


  1. Judea Pearl: Causal Reasoning, Counterfactuals, Bayesian Networks, and the Path to AGI at Artificial Intelligence Podcast.


  1. Causal Inference Bootcamp videos at Duke University Mod•U: Powerful Concepts in Social Science’s YouTube channel.
  2. Regular Expressions at Computerphile’s YouTube channel.
  3. Using Regular Expressions at Computerphile’s YouTube channel.
  4. Regression to the mean at Veritasium.

Positions available

  1. Data Scientist at Nubank.
  2. Desenvolvedor Front-end Sênior at iClinic.
  3. Várias oportunidades em dados, engenharia e infra at Cetax.
  4. Engenheiro de Dados at HBSIS.
  5. Machine Learning Engineer at Rappi.
  6. Data Scientist – Portfolio Strategy at Loft.
  7. Data Scientist – Valuation Systems at Loft.
  8. Decision Scientist – Portfolio Strategy at Loft.
  9. Senior Data Engineer at Tally.
  10. Postdoctoral fellowship in High-performance computing in domain-specific languages applied to seismic modeling at UFRN.
  11. Research Fellow in adversarial machine learning for natural language processing at the University of Melbourne.
  12. Ph.D. position on Geometric methods for robot learning at Bosch center for AI.
  13. Bioinformatician position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  14. Research Fellow in Deep Learning for Visual Tracking and Re-Identification from UAV at Università degli Studi di Udine.
  15. Junior Data Scientist at Prometeon Tyre Group.
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