Best links of the week #17

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Best links of the week from 29nd April to 5th May

Source: Dilbert.


  1. This Will Be The Biggest Disruption In Higher Education at Forbes.
  2. Dead Facebook users could outnumber living ones within 50 years at MIT Technology Review.
  3. To Build Truly Intelligent Machines, Teach Them Cause and Effect at QuantaMagazine.
  4. The Worlds largest listings of AI Conferences, Events and Meetups with the biggest collection of conference discount codes.
  5. 2nd International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence: From Deep Learning to Data Analytics.
  6. Microsoft launches a drag-and-drop machine learning tool at TechCrunch.
  7. Actively curated list of awesome BI tools at Jan Kyri’s GitHub.
  8. How much of human height is genetic and how much is due to nutrition at Scientific American.
  9. Announcing JupyterHub 1.0!
  10. I hate it that sometimes Jupyter notebooks don’t render properly (or take a long time to render) at GitHub. If you’ve faced similar situations, your solution is here!
  11. Cryptography That Can’t Be Hacked at QuantaMagazine.
  12. Hacker-Proof Code Confirmed at QuantaMagazine.
  13. “PUT DOWN THE DEEP LEARNING: When not to use neural networks (and what to do instead)”, a talk by Rachael Tatman. Code here.
  14. Socially-Stratified Validation for ML Fairness, another talk by Rachael Tatman.
  15. Google Books Ngram Viewer is a tool that displays a graph showing how phrases specified by you have occurred in a corpus of books through time.
  16. Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy at Wait But Why.
  17. Looking for data? You mean data? DATA? Yes, data, data and data!!
  18. Becoming a Data Scientist – Curriculum via Metromap at nirvacana.
  19. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence & explaining it from different dimensions at nirvacana.
  20. The weakening relationship between the Impact Factor and papers’ citations in the digital age at
  21. Visualização GeoEspacial com R at Gabriel Sartori’s GitHub.


  1. Don’t Put Too Much Meaning Into Control Variables at Paul Hünermund Blog.
  2. No Free Lunch in Causal Inference at Paul Hünermund Blog.
  3. Graphs and Occam’s Razor at Paul Hünermund Blog.
  4. Stocking your shop with Data Science at Riot Games Techblog.
  5. Brief History of Neural Networks at Kate Strachnyi Medium.
  6. Datasets for data cleaning practice at Making Noise & Hearing Things.
  7. Parity in Utility: One way to think about fairness in machine learning tools at Making Noise & Hearing Things.
  8. Tidying the Australian Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey Data with R at Miles McBain Medium.
  9. Dealing with Rejection at Niklas Elmqvist’s Blog.
  10. Regression Model Validation: Cross-Validation Essentials in R by kassambara at STHDA.
  11. O dia que a Receita nos mandou pagar R$ 500 mil para ter dados públicos at Pedro Vila Nova Medium.

Positions available

  1. Trainee – Big Data & BI at Hitss do Brasil Serviços Tecnológicos LTDA.
  2. Postdoctoral position in Machine Learning in Computational Biology at Broad Institute of Harvard/MIT.
  3. Postdoctoral position in machine learning at the University of Bergen.
  4. Especialista em BI at TRACK&FIELD.
  5. Pessoa engenheira de Dados (Pleno) at Magnetis.
  6. Doctoral/Postdoctoral Position for Google Focused Research Award in Conversational AI at the Statistical Natural Language Processing Lab at the Department of Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University.
  7. Analista de Dados at Yandeh/Alpe.
  8. 3 year PhD position in Deep Learning for Text Analytics at University of Essex.
  9. 5 PhDs for INTO-PROT: Improving proton therapy in brain, head and neck cancer at several different universities in the Netherlands.
  10. Data Scientist at Braskem.
  11. Two-year funded postdoc position in machine learning (Bayesian deep learnig) in Toulouse.
  12. Two-year funded postdoc position in machine learning (Multimodal data processing for multimedia artistic creation) in Toulouse.
  13. Two-year funded postdoc position in machine learning/signal in Toulouse.