Best links of the week #16

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Best links of the week from 22nd April to 28th April

You can check this comic here


  1. Do more with R: drag-and-drop ggplot at InfoWorld.
  2. Apart from esquisse, the package mentioned in the link above, there is another one that allows you to drag-and-drop and plot your data: ggplotAssist.
  3. DreamRs is a French R consulting firm. In their website, they have made publicly available some shiny apps on real data, such as RATP traffic and a GitHub dashboard.
  4. VCs just invested $8 million into this startup that gave away its software for free because they noticed how much people loved it!
  5. Cheat Sheets for several softwares and concepts related to Data Science at Asif Bhat GitHub.
  6. Data Science must read articles, tutorials and useful links at Asif Bhat GitHub.
  7. Math required for Data Science at Asif Bhat GitHub.
  8. Quick overview of Statistics for Biologists (it’s useful for pretty much everybody, you don’t say no to an offer of knowledge :-).
  9. How can I show the intermediate steps of a long routine in R? at StackOverflow.
  10. ‘Friendly’ reviewers rate grant applications more highly at Nature.
  11. Calm down, everyone. Keeping dead pig cells alive is not ‘brain resuscitation’ at Los Angeles Times.
  12. Uber is sharing publicly some data!
  13. Need help on choosing the right visualization method? From data-to-viz can help you!
  14. IBM releases Diversity in Faces, a dataset with over 1 million annotated images to help fight bias at Turing Tribe.
  15. Até 2030, AI contribuirá em mais de US$ 15,7 trilhões para economia global at Computer World.
  16. A extraordinária cientista que estudou o cérebro de Einstein e revolucionou a neurociência moderna at Época Negócios.
  17. TerraBrasilis, a open access public geographical data for environmental monitoring.


  1. Keep Google’s hands off your cash with a cost effective approach to BigQuery at Scott Edenbaum’s LinkedIn.
  2. RStudio’s multiple cursors rule! by Hello, world!My name is Justin at R-bloggers.
  3. Who knew about radiation sickness, and when? at The Nuclear Secrecy Blog.
  4. The most desired skill in data science at KDnuggets.
  5. Projects to Include in a Data Science Portfolio at KDnuggets.
  6. Estágio em Ciência de Dados na saúde com Python at Fabiano Filho’s Medium.
  7. O Princípio de Peter by Pedro Carboni at New Order Medium.
  8. Quem tem medo de virar cientista de dados? (1/3) by Gustavo Coelho at Data Bootcamp.
  9. Quem tem medo de virar cientista de dados? (2/3) by Leticia Portella at Pizza de Dados Medium.
  10. Conquiste seu primeiro emprego em Data Science at Jones Madruga’s Medium


  1. 5 Tips For Getting A Data Science Job at Joma Tech YouTube channel.
  2. 15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind! at TopThink YouTube channel.
  3. Qualquer Caminho Escolhido Será Difícil at Saber Filosófico YouTube channel.
  4. O poder de desafiar o não (TEDx São Paulo) by Joana Felix at TEDx Talks.

Positions available

  1. Engenheiro de Dados at PlayKids.
  2. Senior Software Developer at Bold Commerce.
  3. VP of Software Technologies (Software Eng + AI) at ETQ Labs.
  4. Software Engineer (AI) at Facebook.
  5. Software Engineer, PhD, University Graduate (2019) at Google.
  6. Researcher / Data Scientist at Hitachi Europe.
  7. Research Software Engineer in Data Science at Uber.
  8. Data/Software Engineer (H/F) at Trade Lab.
  9. Big Data – Cloudera / Qlik Sense at Beijaflore Brasil.
  10. Consultor Big Data – SCALA at Beijaflore Brasil.
  11. Engenheiro(a) de Dados at Conta Azul.
  12. Data Engineer at Amazon.
  13. Data Engineer at QuintoAndar.
  14. Lead of Data Analytics at QuintoAndar.
  15. Data & Analytics at QuintoAndar.
  16. ANL. Cientista de Dados Sr. at UOL.
  17. Analista de Dados (Data Analytics) at Afilio S.A.