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Best links of the week #43

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Best links of the week from 28th October to 3rd November

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  1. Several links related to governmental data in Brazil at Colaboradados.
  2. What They Forgot to Teach You About R by Jennifer Bryan and Jim Hester.
  3. Joplin, an open-source note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities.
  4. Typora, a truly minimal markdown editor (goes hand in hand with Joplin.
  5. How to Turn Vim Into an IDE for R at Kade Killary‘s Medium.
  6. Otter.ai: 600 minutes of free transcription per month!
  7. Free Online Image Editor.
  8. How Millennial Parents Are Embracing Health and Wellness Technologies for Their Generation Alpha Kids at IEEE Transmitter.
  9. Giving algorithms a sense of uncertainty could make them more ethical at MIT Technology Review.
  10. What would a PhD graduate advise a new PhD student? at Quora.
  11. Por que o novo filme do ‘Exterminador do Futuro’ está irritando pesquisadores de inteligência artificial at BBC News Brasil.
  12. Entrevista: Por que homeopatia é placebo – e não deve ser paga pelo SUS at Super Interessante.

Best links of the week #31

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Best links of the week from 5th August to 11th August

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  1. randomizr: R Package for randomized experiments.
  2. Bayes’rule: Guide (course with several different levels).
  3. Extracting Brazilian schools census data with R at Fernando Barbalho’s gists.
  4. Download all data from DATASUS (several Brazilian health-related datasets) with R at Fernando Barbalho’s gists.

Best links of the week #25

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Best links of the week from 24th June to 30th June

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  1. I know what you did last session – clustering users with ml presented at PAPIs LATAM 2019.
  2. You can also see all the talks that happened during PAPIs LATAM 2018 here on their YouTube channel.
  3. Data Science Cheatsheet by Maverick Lin at his GitHub.
  4. Announcing the YouTube-8M Segments Dataset at Google AI Blog.
  5. BDMEP – Banco de Dados Meteorológicos para Ensino e Pesquisa.

Best links of the week #21

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Best links of the week from 27th May to 2nd June

Source: Geek Hero Cromic.


  1. Samsung AI Can Turn a Single Portrait Into a Realistic Talking Head at PetaPixel.
  2. Let’s Encrypt (Free Certification Authority) at MLAIT.
  3. Public data from the French government.
  4. Paris opens a data center to control its digital infrastructure.
  5. genderBR is an R package that predicts gender from Brazilian first names using data from the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica’s 2010 Census.
  6. Git Cherry Pick at Atlassian Git Tutorials.
  7. Refs and the Reflog at Atlassian Git Tutorials.
  8. Advanced Git log at Atlassian Git Tutorials.
  9. Merging vs. Rebasing at Atlassian Git Tutorials.
  10. Intro to Cherry Picking with Git at PreviousNext.
  11. O que faz o cientista de dados ser o profissional mais procurado pelos RHs? at StartSe.
  12. 8 habilidades indispensáveis para cientistas de dados at CIO.

Best links of the week #16

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Best links of the week from 22nd April to 28th April

You can check this comic here


  1. Do more with R: drag-and-drop ggplot at InfoWorld.
  2. Apart from esquisse, the package mentioned in the link above, there is another one that allows you to drag-and-drop and plot your data: ggplotAssist.
  3. DreamRs is a French R consulting firm. In their website, they have made publicly available some shiny apps on real data, such as RATP traffic and a GitHub dashboard.
  4. VCs just invested $8 million into this startup that gave away its software for free because they noticed how much people loved it!
  5. Cheat Sheets for several softwares and concepts related to Data Science at Asif Bhat GitHub.
  6. Data Science must read articles, tutorials and useful links at Asif Bhat GitHub.
  7. Math required for Data Science at Asif Bhat GitHub.
  8. Quick overview of Statistics for Biologists (it’s useful for pretty much everybody, you don’t say no to an offer of knowledge :-).
  9. How can I show the intermediate steps of a long routine in R? at StackOverflow.
  10. ‘Friendly’ reviewers rate grant applications more highly at Nature.
  11. Calm down, everyone. Keeping dead pig cells alive is not ‘brain resuscitation’ at Los Angeles Times.
  12. Uber is sharing publicly some data!
  13. Need help on choosing the right visualization method? From data-to-viz can help you!
  14. IBM releases Diversity in Faces, a dataset with over 1 million annotated images to help fight bias at Turing Tribe.
  15. Até 2030, AI contribuirá em mais de US$ 15,7 trilhões para economia global at Computer World.
  16. A extraordinária cientista que estudou o cérebro de Einstein e revolucionou a neurociência moderna at Época Negócios.
  17. TerraBrasilis, a open access public geographical data for environmental monitoring.

Best links of the week #8

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Best links of the week from 25th February to 3rd March.


  1. I don’t like notebooks at Jupyter Conference 2018 by Joel Grus.
  2. Twitter thread on Regression to the Mean Bias in a published paper at Andrew Althouse Twitter feed.
  3. The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same at MIT Technology Review.
  4. An archive of datasets distributed with R.
  5. Beautiful, customizable, publication-ready model summaries in R (R Package) at Vincent-Arel Bundock GitHub account.
  6. Advanced R, a book by Hadley Wickham.
  7. R for Data Science, a book by Hadley Wickham.
  8. R packages, a book by Hadley Wickham.
  9. Data Visualization: A practical introduction, a book by Kieran Healy.
  10. Diversos cursos gratuitos na Data Science Academy (Com certificado) at Pelando.
  11. Estudar no Exterior: o caminho das pedras com Anna Giselle Ribeiro at Deviante.
  12. Dados de pesquisas eleitorais no Brasil at Poder360.
  13. Novo portal do IBGE compara estatísticas econômicas e sociais de 193 nações at Agência de Notícias IBGE.
  14. Estatísticas do Comércio Exterior (data visualization and raw data) at Ministério da Economia, Indústria, Comércio Exterior e Serviços.