Best links of the week #61

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Best links of the week from 16th March to 22nd March

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  1. Microsoft COVID-19 Tracker.
  2. Auto-avaliação de Coronavírus (COVID-19).
  3. Comparing Corona Trajectories.
  4. Modeling COVID-19 Spread vs Healthcare Capacity.
  5. Current covid-19 situation.
  6. A Crash Course in Good and Bad Controls.
  7. An Intuitive (and Short) Explanation of Bayes’ Theorem at Better Explained.
  8. False Positives and False Negatives at Math Is Fun.
  9. Matthews correlation coefficient at the Wikipedia.
  10. Demythifying Matthew Correlation Coefficients (MCC) at Kaggle.

Blog posts

  1. Ten Time-Saving R Hacks by Keith McNulty at Towards Data Science.
  2. Para Construir Máquinas Verdadeiramente Inteligentes, Ensinar-lhes a Causa e o Efeito (Atualidade) at Elton Wade‘s Medium.
  3. Inteligência artificial na educação médica by Albert Bacelar at E-Health: healthtechs healthdata.
  4. Design Science na saúde? by fabiano filho at E-Health: healthtechs healthdata.
  5. SMOTE Oversampling for Imbalanced Classification with Python at Machine Learning Mastery.
  6. Entendendo o que é Matriz de Confusão com Python by Emanuel G de Souza at Data Hackers.
  7. An Initiate of the Bayesian Conspiracy at Coding Horror.
  8. You need to know about the Matthews Correlation Coefficient at David Lettier’s Blog.
  9. Matthews correlation coefficient at Software Journal at Standard Wisdom.
  10. Matthew’s Correlation Coefficient – How Well Does It Do? at Software Journal at Standard Wisdom.
  11. Confusion Matrix – Another Single Value Metric – Kappa Statistic at Software Journal at Standard Wisdom.
  12. Why “Accuracy” of a Classification System may be a Useless Metric? at Software Journal at Standard Wisdom.
  13. Comparing Kappa Statistic to the F1 measure at Software Journal at Standard Wisdom.

Podcast episodes

  1. Health data e o Coronavírus — Data Hackers Podcast 22.


  1. Importância da Estatística na Ciência de dados by Luiz Paulo Fávero at Comunidade Estatística’s YouTube channel.
  2. Machine Learning A Cappella – Overfitting Thriller! at Udacity YouTube channel.

Positions available

  1. Cientista de Dados – Nível Sênior at HrSoul Hunting Relationship.
  2. Data Scientist at RankMyApp.
  3. Arquiteto de Dados at DBC.
  4. Analista de Big Data at CINQ.
  5. Data Scientist at HEMAV.
  6. Data Engineer at vidIQ.
  7. Senior Data Engineer at vidIQ.
  8. Data Engineer at Catho.
  9. Postdoctoral Fellowship in ML at NIMH.
  10. Ph.D. studentships in Artificial Intelligence and Music (AIM) at the Queen Mary University of London.
  11. Two-year Postdoc in Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics at Institute for Theoretical Physics, Göttingen.
  12. Associate Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford.
  13. Postdoctoral position in ML at UC Irvine, Mandt and Smyth labs.
  14. Ph.D. scholarship in deep learning for 3D point cloud data at the University of Copenhagen.
  15. Professorships in Digital Transformation at FAU (Adidas).
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