Best links of the week #77

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Best links of the week from 31st August to 6th September

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  1. Guess the Correlation Game.
  2. dagitty: Graphical Analysis of Structural Causal Models (R package) at CRAN.
  3. What Is The Difference Between Nonlinear Mechanics And Chaos Theory? at Forbes.

Blog posts

  1. Probability concepts explained: Marginalisation at Towards Data Science.
  2. When the Fundamental Problem of Causal Inference Ain’t No Problem at Brady Neal’s Blog.
  3. Microsoft’s DoWhy is a Cool Framework for Causal Inference by Jesus Rodriguez at Data Series.
  4. 4 Reasons Why Data Scientists Should Version Data by Fabiana Clemente at The Startup‘s Medium.
  5. ‘Looping’ and ‘Branching’ with Pipes at David Ranzolin’s Blog.
  6. Bayes’ Theorem is Actually an Intuitive Fraction by Andre Ye at Towards Data Science.
  7. Using Xkcd to Make Density Plots at Arthur Rocha’s Blog.
  8. Solving the Birthday Paradox at Arthur Rocha’s Blog.
  9. Como analisar a eficiência dos seus algoritmos at Turing Talks’ Medium.
  10. Análise de Algoritmos de Machine Learning at Turing Talks’ Medium.
  11. Modelos de Predição | Introdução à Predição at Turing Talk’s Medium.
  12. Modelos de Predição | Regressão Linear at Turing Talk’s Medium.
  13. Modelos de Predição | Decision Tree at Turing Talk’s Medium.
  14. Modelos de Predição | Random Forest at Turing Talk’s Medium.
  15. An Incredible Interactive Chart of Biblical Contradictions at Friendly Atheist.
  16. Tensorbook, a deep learning laptop at Data Science Rush.


  1. This is why you’re learning differential equations at Zach Star’s YouTube channel.
  2. Why people fall for misinformation by Joseph Isaac at TED-Ed.
  3. How statistics can be misleading by Mark Liddell at TED-Ed.
  4. QUE REINE O CAOS, MAS O QUE É O CAOS? ft. Fernando Lenarduzzi at Matemaníaca’s YouTube channel.
  5. Alguns pensadores que ajudaram a desenvolver a estatística at A Ciência da Estatística on YouTube Channel.

Positions available

  1. SR Data Scientist at Hogarth Worldwide.
  2. Coordenador(a) de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas at Juno.
  3. Cientista de Dados Sênior at FABWORK.
  4. Seleção de Doutor(a) com Experiência no Exterior at Fiocruz.
  5. Sr Data Engineer (Python) – Real estate marketplace at Truelogic Software.
  6. Data Engineer (SQL) – Fintech investment company at Truelogic Software.
  7. Sr Data Engineer (Hadoop) – Equity-sharing platform at Truelogic Software.
  8. Sr Data Engineer (Spark + SQL) – Health Data Analytics Platform at Truelogic Software.
  9. Desenvolvedor Back-End at Shipay.
  10. Analista de Tecnologia (Engenharia de Dados – Remoto – IT Data Analytics) at BTG Pactual.
  11. Analista de Tecnologia (Engenheiro de Dados – IT Data Analytics) at BTG Pactual.
  12. Analista de Tecnologia (Cientista de Dados – IT Data Analytics) at BTG Pactual.
  13. Analista de Tecnologia (Analista de Dados – IT Data Analytics) at BTG Pactual.
  14. Senior Data Pipeline Engineer at Wild Life.
  15. Desenvolvedor Machine Learning Nível Sênior at HrSoul Hunting Relationship.
  16. Data Analyst Sênior at Zé Delivery.
  17. Data Scientist Senior at DiDi.
  18. Head of Analytics, Uber Eats – LatAm at Uber.