Best links of the week #76

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Best links of the week from 24th August to 30th August

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  1. Difference-in-Difference Estimation at Columbia Public Health.
  2. Cluster Analysis Using K-Means at Columbia Public Health.
  3. Discrete Choice Analysis at Columbia Public Health.
  4. Exploratory Factor Analysis at Columbia Public Health.
  5. Instrumental Variables at Columbia Public Health.
  6. Spline Regression at Columbia Public Health.
  7. Principal Components Analysis at Columbia Public Health.
  8. Propensity Score at Columbia Public Health.
  9. Inverse Probability Weighting at Columbia Public Health.
  10. Path Analysis at Columbia Public Health.
  11. Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis of Misclassification at Columbia Public Health.
  12. Markov Chain Monte Carlo at Columbia Public Health.
  13. Raio X dos Municípios.
  14. Correlation or causation? Mathematics can finally give us an answer at NewScientist.
  15. A new kind of logic: How to upgrade the way we think at NewScientist.
  16. An Unpredictable Universe: A Deep Dive Into Chaos Theory at Space.
  17. Introduction to Causal Inference Course by Brady Neal.

Blog posts

  1. Data versus Science: Contesting the Soul of Data-Science at Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice.
  2. Race, COVID Mortality, and Simpson’s Paradox at Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice.
  3. What Statisticians Want to Know about Causal Inference and The Book of Why at Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice.


  1. The Science Behind the Butterfly Effect at Veritasium.

Positions available

  1. Data Analyst at Octadesk.
  2. Analista de BI at enjoei.
  3. Engenheiro(a) de Dados at HBSIS.
  4. 350 temporary opportunities for tech activities in the federal government of Brazil.
  5. Postdoctoral Fellow position in Computational Biology/Cancer Genomics at Institut Curie.
  6. Data Science | Machine Learning Engineer at Hurb – Hotel Urbano.
  7. Data Engineer – Mid Level at EBANX.
  8. Senior Data Engineer at EBANX.
  9. Consultor Sênior de Inteligência Artificial at TIM Brasil.
  10. Cientista de Dados at Primepass.
  11. Scholarships in projects related to AI at Federal University of Goias.
  12. Engenheiro de Dados at PagSeguro PagBank.
  13. Analista de Dados at Alteryx.
  14. Desenvolvedor de BI at Alteryx.
  15. Postdoctoral opportunity in High-Resolution Profiling of Body Fat Immune Cells in Brazilian Populations at INCA.
  16. Data Analyst at Cuidas.
  17. Analista de BI e Data Science Sênior at Dr.Consulta.
  18. Engenheiro de Dados at Datarisk.