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Best links of the week #78

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Best links of the week from 7th September to 13th September

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  1. What are the various scenarios where we get a negative R squared in a (linear) regression model? at Quora.

Blog posts

  1. Quem seguir para acompanhar Machine Learning e AI no Twitter? at Machina Economicus.
  2. Now Nubank’s Data Scientists have their own values at Nubank.
  3. Resumo de livro: “Mostly Harmless Econometrics”, cap 1 e 2 at Machina Economicus.
  4. Causal Inference Part I: Simpson’s Paradox at Data for Science’s Medium.
  5. Causal Inference Part II: Probability Theory at Data for Science’s Medium.
  6. Causal Inference Part III: Graphs at Data for Science’s Medium.
  7. Causal Inference Part IV: Structural Causal Models at Data for Science’s Medium.
  8. Causal Inference Part V: Chains, and Forks at Data for Science’s Medium.
  9. Causal Inference Part VI: Colliders at Data for Science’s Medium.
  10. Causal Inference Part VII: d-separation at Data for Science’s Medium.
  11. Computational Causal Inference at Netflix at Netflix TechBlog.


  1. Método Científico – Grandes Pensadores at A Ciência da Estatística‘s YouTube channel.

Positions available

  1. Cientista de Dados at PEBMED.
  2. Analista de Dados at ASAAS.
  3. Data Engineer at idwall.
  4. Data Engineer at Zé Delivery.
  5. Analista de BI at KaBuM.
  6. Data Specialist at iFood.
  7. Cientista de dados – BI/DW – Big Data at SONDA.
  8. Consultor Sênior – Residential Solutions – Comunicação e Projetos Especiais – Chief Revenue Officer at TIM Brasil.
  9. Engenheiro De Dados at Sólides.
  10. Back end Mage (Desenvolvedor(a) Back end) at Fhinck.
  11. Senior Data Analyst at QuintoAndar.