Best links of the week #62

The ten first BLOTW

Reading Time: 6 minutes


I never really explained why I started the series “The Best Links of The Week”. I used to have (I still have at some level) a big problem with tabs. I assume you’ve probably already heard of compulsive hoarding, and maybe that’s an easy way to explain the situation I used to have with tabs. Whenever I found an interesting link, I’d open a tab for it and not infrequently I’d open several tabs during the reading of one tab. This along with the fact that I’m a very curious person, there is no surprise that I would always end up with *at least* a few hundreds tabs opened. It’s obvious that I was never able to read them all. Besides, there would always be some great tabs I saved to read that would get lost among the cool but not that important tabs, and that bothered me a lot.