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Best links of the week #8

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Best links of the week from 25th February to 3rd March.


  1. I don’t like notebooks at Jupyter Conference 2018 by Joel Grus.
  2. Twitter thread on Regression to the Mean Bias in a published paper at Andrew Althouse Twitter feed.
  3. The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same at MIT Technology Review.
  4. An archive of datasets distributed with R.
  5. Beautiful, customizable, publication-ready model summaries in R (R Package) at Vincent-Arel Bundock GitHub account.
  6. Advanced R, a book by Hadley Wickham.
  7. R for Data Science, a book by Hadley Wickham.
  8. R packages, a book by Hadley Wickham.
  9. Data Visualization: A practical introduction, a book by Kieran Healy.
  10. Diversos cursos gratuitos na Data Science Academy (Com certificado) at Pelando.
  11. Estudar no Exterior: o caminho das pedras com Anna Giselle Ribeiro at Deviante.
  12. Dados de pesquisas eleitorais no Brasil at Poder360.
  13. Novo portal do IBGE compara estatísticas econômicas e sociais de 193 nações at Agência de Notícias IBGE.
  14. Estatísticas do Comércio Exterior (data visualization and raw data) at Ministério da Economia, Indústria, Comércio Exterior e Serviços.