Best links of the week #70

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Best links of the week from 18th May to 7th June

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  1. Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free at FreeCodeCamp.
  2. Our weird behavior during the pandemic is messing with AI models at MIT Technology Review.
  3. microdatasus Python Package.
  4. Meet xaringan: Making slides in R Markdown by Alison Hill at Advanced R Markdown Workshop.
  5. How to Make Slides in R by Zhi Yang.
  6. Recall bias at Wikipedia.
  7. Confidence Interval cartoon at xkcd.

Blog posts

  1. Machine Learning is too easy at John Langford’s Blog.
  2. Naive Bayes for Dummies; A Simple Explanation at Data Science Central.
  3. Support Vector Machines for dummies; A Simple Explanation at Aylien’s Blog.
  4. Everything You Wanted to Know about the Kernel Trick (But Were Too Afraid to Ask) at Eric Kim’s Blog.
  5. Machina Machinae Lupus est? at Portal Deviante.


  1. Ten Craziest Things Cells Do by Wallace Marshall at iBiology’s YouTube channel.
  2. O mundo a partir do coronavírus, ed. 09 | Modelos computacionais e isolamento social social at Academia Brasileira de Ciências.

Positions available

  1. Analista de dados sênior at Delivery Center.
  2. Engenharia de Dados [Sênior] at Data Sprints.
  3. Engenheiro(a) de Dados – Pleno at Ecobonuz.
  4. Senior Data Engineer at Maxxidata.
  5. Several data and ML positions at PTC Group.
  6. Pesquisador Sênior (Especialista em Dados Quantitativos) at United Nations Development Programme.
  7. 6 Developer/DevOps positions at IMD/UFRN.
  8. Cientista de Dados at Transparência Brasil.
  9. Senior Software Engineer at Traffit.
  10. Data Scientist at Zé Delivery.
  11. Analista de Big Data at MSA.
  12. Many data related positions at Lopes.
  13. Data Engineer at Grupy.
  14. Cientista de Dados / Pessoa Engenheira de Machine Learning at Grupy.
  15. Engenheiro de Dados at Olist.
  16. People Analytics at ZUP.