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Best links of the week #85

Reading time: 3 minutes Best links of the week from April 20th to August 1st (sorry for the delay 🙂 ) Links What is the difference between beta and correlation coefficient? at Quora. Is linear regression obsolete? at Cross Validated. Are linear models still useful at all? at r/datascience. Why Momentum Really Works at Distill. Who Learns Better Bayesian …

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Manage your Data Science Project in R

Reading time: 9 minutes DVC is the git equivalent for data and data science pipelines. Along with git and some R technologies such as packrat and RMarkdown you can manage your whole data science project in a very productive way! This post is a tutorial on using all these tools to manage your Data Science project!

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Spurious Independence: is it real?

Reading time: 14 minutes First things first: Spurious Dependence Depending on your background, you have already heard of spurious dependence in a way or another. It goes by the names of spurious association, spurious dependence, the famous quote “correlation does not imply causation” and also other versions based on the same idea that you can not say that necessarily …

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New home?

Reading time: 4 minutes With some exceptions, 2018 was a hell of a year.

The year was going just fine. I had obtained some nice results for my masters, managed to do get very interesting advancements at work and my personal life was just fine. In parallel, at the beginning of the year, I had applied to a PhD position, though I had little hope to be selected. Months passed due to the lengthy process, and I kept following what I had planned for the year. For a week in May, the institute funded all applicants that reached the last stage of the selection process to come to Paris for several interviews, among other activities. By this point, I was already happy, regardless of the result. The experience allowed me to open my eyes to several subjects I today deem very important and gave me an opportunity to meet some amazing people. My memory is not the best but there were people from the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and probably other countries that I can not remember of now.