Best links of the week #47

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Best links of the week from 25th November to 1st December

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  1. Researchers Have Successfully Tricked A.I. Into Seeing The Wrong Things at PopSci.
  2. Fooling the machine at PopSci.
  3. Why isn’t confounding a statistical concept? at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  4. The impossibility of asymmetric causation at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  5. d-SEPARATION WITHOUT TEARS at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers. There is an interactive adaptation from this at dagitty’s website here.
  6. An Illustration of Pearl’s Simpson Machine at dagitty.
  7. Do you think you know DAG terminology? This game can help you try your skills. There is also another game here for testing your knowledge on covariate roles and another one about Table 2 Fallacy. All this at dagitty.
  8.  On causality and decision trees at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  9. On causality and decision trees (cont.) at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  10. Back-door criterion and epidemiology at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  11. Indirect Effects at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  12. The meaning of counterfactuals at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  13. Has causality been defined? at Judea Pearl’s discussion with readers.
  14. The tidyverse for Machine Learning presentation by Bruna Wundervald at satRday São Paulo.
  15. Centrality measures as a proxy for causal influence? at Fabian Dablander‘s website.
  16. Garoto de 12 anos já trabalha como cientista de dados at Olhar Digital.
  17. CGU lança novo Painel Correição em Dados at CGU.


  1. Causality in Machine Learning 101 for Dummies like Me by Sangeet Moy Das at Towards Data Science.
  2. An introduction to Causal inference at Fabian Dablander‘s Blog.
  3. Spurious correlations and random walks at Fabian Dablander‘s Blog.
  4. Curve fitting and the Gaussian distribution at Fabian Dablander‘s Blog.
  5. In Review: Ten Great Ideas About Chance at Fabian Dablander‘s Blog.
  6. Using causal graphs to understand missingness and how to deal with it at Cookie Scientist.


  1. A network of science: 150 years of Nature papers at nature video‘s YouTube channel.
  2. ViennaR Meetup March 2019 | Hadley Wickham Tidy Data at Quantargo‘s YouTube channel.
  3. Causal Graphs by Julian Schüssler at MZES Methods Bites‘s YouTube channel.

Positions available

  1. Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Media & Data Science at the University of Glasgow.
  2. Ph.D. fellowship in Machine Learning for Robot Manipulation at Bosch.
  3. Fully Funded Ph.D. position in AI and Machine Learning for mental well being at Örebro University.
  4. Research Assistant in Computer Vision and Deep Learning at Edge Hill University.
  5. Tenure Track ML Teaching Professor Position at UCSD.
  6. Post-doctoral fellowship (Genomics) at Instituto Tecnológico Vale.
  7. Data Science Vice President at Big Cloud.
  8. Director of Data Science at Ideal Team Consulting.
  9. Gerente de Governança e Arquitetura de Dados at Wiz.
  10. Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at SumUp.
  11. Data Architect – Restaurant Product at iFood.
  12. Lead Data Engineer at QuintoAndar.
  13. Software Engineer at Google.
  14. Senior SQL Server/ETL Developer at Cognizant.
  15. Data Architect D2- Lunch DFN at iFood.
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