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Best links of the week #30

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Best links of the week from 29th July to 4th August

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  1. Some interesting shiny apps at Tychobra.
  2. Learn git branching!
  3. Learn vim.
  4. rThreeJS R Package.
  5. Difference Between Covariance and Correlation at Key Differences.
  6. Variance vs. Covariance: What’s the Difference? at Investopedia.
  7. Difference Between Correlation and Regression at Key Differences.
  8. Difference Between Parametric and Nonparametric Test at Key Differences.
  9. Preferential attachment at Wikipedia.
  10. Voice automated shiny app (example here) at Yihui Xie’s GitHub.
  11. Webcam (face) automated shiny app (example here) at Yihui Xie’s GitHub.
  12. Xaringan (presentation on xaringan here) at Yihui Xie’s GitHub.
  13. Learn R fast with fasteR!
  14. We’re told that too much screen time hurts our kids. Where’s the evidence? at The Guardian.
  15. pagedown: Creating beautiful PDFs with R Markdown and CSS at rstudio::conf 2019 website.
  16. Por que cientistas precisam ser também bons comunicadores at NEXO Jornal.
  17. Portugal cria visto especial para atrair profissionais de TI brasileiros at Folha de São Paulo.

Best links of the week #29

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Best links of the week from 22nd July to 28th July


  1. Listen to people all over the world pronouncing the name of countries and capitals.
  2. Write a letter to the future!
  3. A Personal Journey into Bayesian Networks by Judea Pearl.
  4. An innovative way to publish at Nature.
  5. Here’s What Fruits And Vegetables Looked Like Before We Domesticated Them at Science Alert.
  6. Regression Sensitivity Analysis: the Robustness Value and the partial R², a shiny app by Carlos Cinelli.
  7. Do you need to normalize your input data for Random Forests and Neural Networks? (More on Random Forests here) at Data Science (Stack Exchange).
  8. Cumulative Variable Importance for Random Forest (RF) Models at Rich Pauloo’s Gists.
  9. Contributing to the R ecosystem by Colin Fay at SpeakerDeck.
  10. Entrevista: Por que homeopatia é placebo – e não deve ser paga pelo SUS at Super Interessante.